New Residential Building Proposed Next to Paramount Condominiums

by Fatimah Waseem May 21, 2018 at 1:00 pm 7 Comments

A developer is seeking to build a 128,000-square-foot multifamily residential building on the north side of Dominion Parkway.

According to plans submitted to the Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning on May 14, the multifamily building is planned between the Winwood Children’s Center and the Paramount condominiums on Fountain Drive. 

Preliminary plans include 59 multifamily dwelling units, serving roughly 124 people, on the 0.8-acre site. The developer, NS Reston LLC, also plans to build a three-level underground garage with 131 spaces and six surface parking spaces near the main entrance of the property.

The proposed multifamily building will be an attractive addition to the perimeter of the Town Center Urban Core and provide additional residential units to reinforce the live, work, play environment of the Town Center and the surrounding area,” wrote John McGranahan Jr, who represents the applicant.

Proposed amenities include a rooftop terrace with a swimming pool and 0.25 acres —  thirty percent of the property — will remain as open space.

Access to the property is planned from two entrances along New Dominion Parkway. The application has also requested a waiver to reduce the number of required loading spaces from three to two.

The application has not yet been accepted for formal review by the county, said Brian Worthy, a spokesman for Fairfax County government. Once accepted, applications are scheduled for public hearings and other steps of the planning and zoning process.

Photos via Google Maps

  • 30yearsinreston

    Another iconic tower
    Another waiver ?
    No problem, just include a bike stand
    Wonder how much Hudgins is going to contribute to this masterpiece of urban planning

  • tattler

    Just when you think that there is no space left around the RTC that’s big enough to throw up another building…

    While on the topic, BP must be irritated that they haven’t found a way to develop something on that park at the RTC, or otherwise monetize it in some way. That wide open space is just waiting to be plundered somehow. Give it time, my friends. If BP doesn’t construct something there, they will throw up a gate and start charging admission (and they’ll say they’re doing it because that’s what they do in other large, urban areas)

    • 30yearsinreston

      Wait till they ‘redevelop’ the area where the library and North County buildings are currently

  • JoeInReston

    This is the correct move.

    If you look at the aerial/google street view map shown in the article, its clear that there is patch of green stuff large enough to accommodate a commercial building. And what do we do in Fairfax County with green stuff large enough to accommodate a commercial buildings? We fill it with concrete.

    • FLEABttn

      This but unironically.

  • ParamountResident

    As a Paramount resident, we have been expecting the development of this site since we moved here. It was the target of developers before our building was built, and there was a sign for that failed effort on the site for several years afterwards. The fact that it is has taken this long for the developers to return to this site is a bit of a surprise actually. We will be sorry to lose our view if it goes through.

  • North Reston Resident

    I find it odd that the comprehensive plan’s Reston North never included a line through this property to tie to Library Street. It would be an obvious continuation of the town center. Instead, a wall, with the Paramount, this new building, and the other existing children’s center will bisect the future RTC North, resulting in horrible connectivity. I think this is the biggest issue here, and I’m not sure why county planners missed this crucial link….


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