Police: Man Charged with Shooting a Missile in Occupied Building

by Fatimah Waseem May 25, 2018 at 10:15 am 8 Comments

(Updated at 10:25 a.m. to include information about Cherry’s previous arrest) Carlos Cherry, 38, was arrested and charged with shooting a missile at an occupied building on Wednesday.

Members of a neighborhood patrol unit saw Cherry, who has a pending warrant for failing to appear in court for a felony offense, according to the Fairfax County Police Department.

When they approached him, he stood up and pointed a firearm at the Reston District Station (1801 Cameron Glen Drive). The move was followed by three to four ‘pops,’ police said.

Cherry was taken into custody. The weapon was “a realistic looking BB gun,” according to police.

On March 22, Cherry was arrested after police said he hit a police officer with his fist, police said. He was arrested and charged with assault on a law enforcement officer, brandishing a firearm and intoxication in public.

Information about the most recent incident was released late Thursday.

Photo via FCPD

  • shamrock

    Clearly this guy has issues and needed to be arrested and charged with something. But Virginia code 18.2-279 requires that the missile or firearm put the lives of persons in peril. A BB gun? Come on.

    • Conservative Senior

      A BB gun can cause serious damage to a person.

    • Greg

      Try reading the article before making comments…

  • Mike M

    Looks like Carlos had another night on the town. Well done, Carlos!

    • Chkitout1

      Looks like he is still celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

  • sharon

    a bb gun is different than a MISSILE! holy cow. (not saying it is good news for this fellow, but, this is not a MISSILE!)

    • Willie Reston

      Look up the definition of “missile” and you’ll find it’s very loose. A pebble thrown by a drunken bum is – by definition – just as much of a missile as a nuclear ICBM. So of course it makes sense for lawyers and journalists to use the term “missile” when it meets their ends even if the term is understood by the general public – in contemporary parlance – to mean something else entirely.

      **inb4 Mike M or Const. accuses me of excusing this guy’s behavior, because I am not. I’m only pointing out the hilarity of charging him with launching “missiles” when he was really shooting a BB gun. Let’s see how quickly those “constitutionalists” defend his second amendment right, though!

      • shamrock

        They clearly wanted to charge him with a felony, so they “make it fit”.


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