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Reston Association Board to Consider Changes to Staff and Board Relationships

by RestonNow.com May 31, 2018 at 3:45 pm 14 Comments

As it grapples with recent leadership and board vacancies, Reston Association’s Board of Directors will explore the possibility of changing the relationship between RA’s governing body, the CEO, CFO and general counsel.

At June 5 work session (agenda), the board will consider changing the reporting structure between the CFO and the general counsel.

Director John Mooney suggested holding a work session at a May 24 board meeting. RA’s Board Governance Committee has been discussing how to amend the resolution that covers Board and Association operations and the relationship between board and staff.

“This revision is necessitated by the fact that we now have an in-house counsel so we need to deal at least with that,” Mooney said.

Rather than redraft or revise the current resolution, the committee has created a matrix that outlines possible relationships between the CEO, in-house counsel, and the board.

That matrix will guide the board’s discussions about changing reporting structures and relationships, including the role of the board in hiring, firing, disciplinary actions and salary.

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  • Bureaucracyforall

    Driven by the addition of a staff attorney, it appears that the Board is about to make RA a bureaucratic nightmare with a barrel of rules on who can speak to whom when, where and how! Reworking internal communications is the brainchild of John Mooney. He has spent the last year and a half reworking a new conflict of interest policy, a policy that was nearly complete when he began! Now it has a long way to go.

    • Ray Wedell

      Bureaucratic nightmare? It is there already, and looks to be rolling deeper in that direction. Once again, the cure will be far worse than the disease. To the excellent talent that has already left RA, I wish them only the best in their new endeavors.

      • 30yearsinreston

        They will find another gig easily enough
        The only talent I saw was in fobbing off responsibilities to consultants
        No one would answer the phone or respond to voice mails
        That should change

        • Ray Wedell

          Actually, I heard nothing but good things about all the people who have left so far.

          But then again, another anonymous vitriol-spewer (are you one of the Board members posting in disguise? Or are you one of those Kangaroo Kourt people that telll their compliant Board members what to do?) lays out its wisdom on “flattening the organization.” Well you did get that right……flattening it like a pancake. Maybe they should relinquish the keys to this runaway Mack truck and bring in some people with sanity and common sense.

          • 30yearsinreston

            My interactions with RA have been confined to day to day matters. I am not a mystery board member. I am just a fed up general member who is tired of having people not doing their jobs
            My ‘vitriol’ is a reaction to how well my issues and communications have been handled by the organization
            The lack of consideration to members concerns and lack of common basic courtesy such as returning messages is symptomatic
            You may have not experiencenced that for whatever reason, but I would bet that most members would have had the same experience

            Llistening to constituents is not being compliant, but doing what they pledged in their election manifestos

          • The Constitutionalist

            Ray, you literally just heard something bad about the people you’ve “heard nothing but good things about.”

            But like… every time you post here it’s kind of in defense of people you’ve only heard good things about. I think you’re selectively ignoring all the valid complaints people have.

          • Greg

            I know he is ignoring them.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Flattening the organization is good
    Draining the swamp starts with building ditches and removing the barriers to free flow
    The Board is accountable to voters and residents, the ‘directors’ are not

    • The Constitutionalist

      Sorry, you are not allowed to build the ditch without the proper permits and funding for tearing down the barriers isn’t in the budget.

    • Donald

      Directors are not accountable? Then why do they have D&O a insurance policy?


      • John Higgins

        I believe 30years refers to RA department heads (functional titles of “Director of …”) not the elected board directors. On the whole, I think those senior staff have done an excellent job.

  • Umust B Kidding

    OMG! We’re headed into the MATRIX! Nothing you see is what you think it is–nor are you for that matter. We’re all doomed!

    • The Master Controller

      Agent Smith is the latest consultant to sign on to the RA gravy train. He is included in the newest Windows 10 update.

  • Donald

    To the CEO and CFO candidates who may be reading Reston Now – do your due diligence.

    Meet and speak with others outside the present board. Speak with staff. Speak with former leadership team members. Speak with former board directors. Speak with residents. Speak with Hudgins, Plum and Connolly. Speak with developers.

    This board has the intent to manage staff and daily operations. Know what you’re getting into.



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