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by RestonNow.com June 1, 2018 at 9:00 am 18 Comments

Silver Line extension to Dulles awaits test results — “The Silver Line extension project to Dulles International Airport is now waiting on test results that could determine whether it opens on time. Project director Charles Stark told the Dulles Corridor Advisory Committee… that three problems with concrete wall panels at five stations under construction had already been identified before news of a whistleblower lawsuit broke.” [WTOP]

A local kid’s message for President Trump — Disturbed by the murders of Buckley Kuhn Fricker and Scott Fricker late last year, 10-year-old Anya Moon pens a letter to President Donald Trump about gun violence. [CNN]

For Normandy — Five ensembles by current and former Herndon High School musicians will be featured in this family-friendly concert on Sunday. All proceeds will help the school’s band travel to Normandy to participate in the 75th anniversary of D-Day. [Herndon High School]

Registration for fall soccer is now open — The Great Falls-Reston Soccer Club is accepting application starting today for a variety of programs.  [Great Falls Reston Soccer Club]

Reston Pride Festival set for tomorrow — As pride month begins, the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston is hosting Reston’s first-ever Pride Festival on Sunday. The event includes 10 performances, remarks by local politicians, exhibits, food, and music. [Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston]

Photo by Ruth Sievers

  • Mike M

    Perhaps little Anya should ask her mom and dad if they have any suggestions for the Preseident, short of repealing the Second Amendment. Suggestions that would actually PREVENT the heavily covered and sensationalized events. Most would have had ZERO effect. Why do parents and media outlets like CNN play children like political pawns?

    PS: Anya’s parents should explain to her that bad things can happen to good people and the government will never come close to eliminating that from our world.

    • 30yearsinreston

      so your solution is: Do nothing

      • Mike M

        I don’t know. You tell me the solution? I’m not worried about this as much as other issues. These events are tiny compared to the country. The fake news makes them seem so much more important than they are. In my view the fake news also contributes directly to the long string of copycatting.

        • Richard

          Strange how these things don’t happen in the rest of the developed world. There must be a reason, don’t you think? Perhaps it’s the pornography, lack of God in classrooms, or drug use? If only there was one common denominator one could point to.

          • Greg
          • Richard

            Shocking! The British gun death rate might rise from its current rate of 0.07 gun deaths per 100,000 people to what? 0.08? The US is at around 3.85. The UK’s death rate is a rounding error compared to the USA.

          • Greg

            So, which is it, Richard? These things don’t happen (as you stated earlier) or they do happen?

            Talk about making sense…

          • Richard

            I’m not sure how much more detail you require than what I provided, but the summary is that shootings occur in the UK to a minuscule extent compared to the USA. Satisfied with those numbers, are you?

          • Greg

            Stop deflecting and admit your mistake and foolish, ignorant statements.

          • Mike M

            Actually they do happen. But we have a lot of freedom here and we haven’t yet given up on that. I’m glad.

          • Richard

            Freedom to murder children. Nice.

          • Mike M

            As you know, I refer to freedom to defend yourself with a firearm – even from government. Last time I checked, Dick, murder was illegal. But laws don’t prevent actions. None of the infamous school shootings were legal, Dick. More laws? To “save the children?” Seems the laws in place were violated.

          • Richard

            For once, you’re making sense. Laws aren’t having an effect. Reducing access to guns appears to be the solution. If you can’t buy guns, you don’t need laws to limit their use. One easy way might be to lift the liability restrictions on the gun manufacturers. That might take care of them right quick.

          • Mike M

            Right. So you want to take away freedom for most. Let’s say we don’t agree. But again, you are not specific. Can you be specific and see if your “plan” would have prevented ANY of the school shootings? In most cases, the shooters were not legally accessing the firearms. So, . . . you might be chasing your tail. By the way, more people are killed in car crashes by a long shot. More laws needed? Take away access to cars?

  • 30yearsinreston

    Is that an interloper fishing in the lake ?
    Doesn’t he realize that the Lake House’s main function is to increase the property values and preserve the tranquility of the lakefront residents back yards

    what Is RA going to do about It ?

    • Greg

      Nothing, because covenants are rarely, if ever, enforced in Reston!

      I mean, look at that crooked, exposed conduit on the side of Reston’s own building!

      And the unscreened condenser farm for the many HVAC units needed for the nearly always empty property-value booster.

      Anna Varone, do your job!

    • Ted

      You a strange and unhappy person.

  • Proof Read

    Reston Pride Festival set for tomorrow — As pride month begins, the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston is hosting Reston’s first-ever Pride Festival on Sunday.

    So, is it Tomorrow, or Sunday? Does anyone proof read anything?


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