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Reston Association Board of Directors Elects New President

by RestonNow.com June 29, 2018 at 12:00 pm 12 Comments

Reston Association’s Board of Directors elected Andy Sigle to the position of board president Thursday night.

Over the next year, Sigle said he hopes to ensure a new CEO and CFO are hired promptly, fine-tune RA’s biannual budget, facilitate the passage of policies regarding ethics and conflicts of interest, and work with the community to ensure land use changes, particularly in the Planned Residential Community district, are implemented in a thoughtful and strategic manner.

Sigle was elected to the board earlier this year and previously served on the board between 2011 and 2014. David Bobzien, the former board president, resigned last month due to a leukemia diagnosis.

In opening remarks, Sigle also said he is committed to enhancing communication between RA staff and the board. He also hopes to ensure information is readily available so the board can make informed decisions.

Sridhar Ganesan, the board’s interim president, failed to gain enough votes to maintain the position. Board members cast private ballots and the number of votes garnered by each candidate was not made public at the meeting.

The vote follows a spirited debate during last month’s board meeting when board members failed to make a decision on the next board president. In his opening remarks, Ganesan also noted that transformational change was required to bring about a more “harmonious” tone to board meetings whilst preserving opportunities for vigorous debate.

Photo by Reston Association

  • Soap opera

    Funny, the musical chairs exercise that followed and Sigle’s echoing Ganesan “in the interest of time” as the music continued for another 10 minutes, then Ganesan eventually exiting to visit with his sister.

    Hats off to Ed Abbott and the local muscle crew in backing up his intimidating intro and foreboding speech to the board.

    I feel sorry for the board members for not following their heart and voting for the best presidential candidate and fiscal conservative, elephant in the room Ganesan. Back to where we were … three ring circus … sad.

    • Michael Gandolfo

      Ganesan Is a puppet who does anything Flashman tells him to do. He can’t even write a defense for himself, signing whatever letter Flashman writes for him.

      • Soap Opera

        I know as an ex officio election commitee you may have an axe to grind, your name is coming up all over this board. Regardless, I respect your opinion!

        How is the job search coming? You should be happy to move on ….

        • Michael Gandolfo

          It’s not that I have an axe to grind, I resigned of my own free will. I only seek for our election process to be open and fair, for all candidates. I found the actions of the “Four for Reston” to be counter to that.

          Not sure what you mean by job search. I’ve been happily employed by the same employer for the past 12 years. But thank you.

          • Soap Opera

            Ok, god bless&enjoy the weekend.

  • Nicole

    Spell Check please. His name is ANDY.

    • ANY

      Any ANDY will do.

  • Michael Gandolfo

    Excellent choice.

  • Sally Forth

    Thank goodness Mr Sigle got the votes and that Ms. Baum was elected. Perhaps sanity can now return and a focus on moving the community forward in a positive directed manor can proceed. The damage done by Hibert, Ganesan, Carr, and the Flashman, Lovaas, Farrell “Kitchen Cabinet” is beyond sad.

  • Reston Realist

    who cares??

  • 30yearsinreston

    Is he going to stand up to Hudgins ?
    Time to start a recall

  • The Original Drive By Critic

    Hey Andy! You want to enhance communication between RA staff and the Board? Let’s begin by shouting at some of these staffers, “You’re Fired!” We absolutely have a case of BLOAT here! It’s costing us all way too much money for an HOA.


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