Thursday Morning Notes

by RestonNow.com July 12, 2018 at 9:00 am 10 Comments

Capital savings — Fairfax County residents can save 50 percent off their annual capital bikeshare membership. Members must be county residents and have new memberships. [Fairfax County Government]

Opinion: unfair treatment — An opinion piece alleges that the Fairfax County library system treats Friends groups, including the Friends of Reston Library, unfairly. [InsideNOVA]

‘Take a Break’ concert tonightIn this week’s “Take a Break” concert, Bad Influence brings audiences blues and roots. The concert at Lake Anne Plaza is open to all ages. [Reston Community Center]

Soaring to national heights — Austin Miller, a pole vaulter from Herndon, placed eighth at the 2018 USA Track & Field outdoor championships. [The Connection]

Flickr pool photo by vantagehill

  • Greg

    Garden or overgrown vegetation — what does Anna Varone have to say about it?

    Also, that’s a very rusty, crooked lamp post. Does it have a proper incandescent bulb within?

    • Why do you bother?

      It’s called “patina.” We’re in Reston, after all…

  • Greg

    Yet again this year with the bikeshare failure subsidy. For shame.

    Keep this in mind, taxpayers, when the county next wails, whines, and weeps that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to cut from the county budget.

    • RunningWriting

      Are you as concerned about the massive subsidies for road construction and maintenance? Are you as concerned about the massive subsidies for oil and gas production? That includes the enormous indirect subsidy of military spending specifically to protect oil and gas-producing areas abroad. Those costs run into the hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

      Probably not, because you only hate subsidies for activities and programs you don’t personally like. But that’s not really a good way to create policy. Maybe that’s the way it’s done under the current administration (pro pollution, anti-science), but that doesn’t make it right.

      • Greg

        More of the left’s hate right on display for the world to see.

        The only one alleging hate is you. For shame, indeed.

        • RunningWriting

          Pointing out facts is define as “hate”? Wow.

          • Greg

            Focus, will you!

            And read your own posting.

        • RunningWriting

          Or is it just deflection? A way to avoid the fact that you only oppose subsidies when you feel like it. That’s not consistent and that’s not a valid ideology. Local governments support biking, walking, bikeshare and even scooter share because it is impossible (or exorbitantly expensive) to set up dense urban areas solely for the use of single-occupant car drivers.

          While much of Fairfax is not as dense as DC is, some of the employment and activity centers are, such as Tysons. The County also wants to concentrate development around the existing and future Metro stations along the SIlver Line.

          I guess you will classify this as “leftist hate” too, because… facts.

    • RunningWriting

      FYI — Gas taxes don’t even come close to covering the total cost of road construction and maintenance. Roads and bridges are heavily subsidized by general tax revenue.

  • Why do you bother?

    “brings audiences blues and roots”

    Berries and parsnips? What does this mean?


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