Clad in Neon Yellow, Local Group Joins ‘Kremlin Annex’ Protest for Third Week

by Fatimah Waseem August 8, 2018 at 2:30 pm 27 Comments

In a mix of party and protest, people have gathered for nightly protests outside the White House for three weeks. Acting as the backdrop of the crowd is Herndon-Reston  Indivisible, a community action group that aims to push back against President Donald Trump.

Clad in neon yellow shirts, group members hold brightly lit orange letters spelling out the words “treason,” “puppet” and liar. For the last 23 nights, they’ve gathered at Wiehle-Reston at 6:30 p.m. to join in the protest, called “Kremlin Annex.”

Protests began on July 16 after Trump appeared to agree with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who denied interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Kremlin Annex plans to be there as long as Trump is in office.  On average, seven people from the organization join the nightly protest, according to Joanne Collins, a member of Herndon-Reston Indivisible and co-leader of the group’s elections committee.

Collins says the environment is full of energy. Earlier this week, Rosie O’Donnell, an actress and TV personality who has been vocal against Trump, stood alongside Broadway musicians for the protest.

“It’s kind of like a party. It’s led by a young guy and they have bagpipes and have even had a mariachi band,” she said. “It’s been raining a lot and we’ve attended rain and shine.”

Herndon-Reston Indivisible was formed by Heidi Zollo and Carrie Bruns following the 2016 presidential election. The organization rallies on ten issue groups, including topics like the environment, immigration and election activities.

Photos via Herndon-Reston Indivisible

  • asdf

    And when its all said and done, these actions will have accomplished nothing.

    • OneReally

      Just remember Ken P is changing the world!

      • asdf

        These ladies, Rosie included, are accomplishing just as much as Ken does when he goes and screams at the NRA building once a month.

        • 30yearsinreston

          Looks like a machine gun to me

    • Why do you bother?

      If it pisses Twitler off – and I’d bet it does – it’s totally worth it.

      • OneReally

        Just to p*ss people off that’s all it’s worth?

  • TDS


  • TheRealODB

    Just imagine what type of community we could live in if these “Trump Derangement Syndrome” sufferers put even half of the effort they put into protesting and crying into ACTUALLY doing something beneficial to help others.

    Could be feeding the homeless, picking up trash, or volunteering for children’s programs, but instead they’re throwing pity parties in their bright shirts and pink p***y hats, and spraining their elbows from patting themselves on the back all night.


  • Sad!

    Reston now is the hyper localized version of The Atlantic, Salon, etc… Sad!

  • A. Oles

    Without referring to the current president, using facts only, tell us what policies should influence us to vote Democrat.

    • Mookie Taylor

      The hypocrisy of Republican politicians have shown they care about nothing except getting rich and staying in power, going back to Bill Clinton, who Republicans reviled even though he supported their policies (e.g. welfare reform). Remember too that when Clinton went after bin Laden (who was supported by the Reagan administration), the Republicans claimed it was just to distract the country from the Monica Lewinsky brouhaha. Later, the incoming Bush administration thought that Clinton was “obsessed” with bin Laden, and ignored all warnings about an imminent al Queda attack (I had read about the “chatter” suggesting such an attack was being planned in the NY Times yet the people in charge of our govt had no idea).
      When Clinton’s term was ending, their was discussion of what to do about the govt surplus. Remember that? Republicans fretted about how bad it might be if we paid off the national debt. Al Gore wanted to use the money to shore up Social Security. But Bush won and the money was eliminated by a big tax cut. The Republicans went on to massively increase the debt and deficit by engaging in a war that intelligence agencies said, and events later proved, was unnecessary. This has since cost our country even more money.
      Yet, when Obama became president, suddenly the Republicans were eager to reign in the deficit. Going back to their hypocrisy, they refused to negotiate on a health care plan that clearly the American majority wanted (having voted for Obama who ran on health care). Even when the final bill was modeled after what Republicans suggested when Clinton tried to reform health care back in the 90s and that a Republican had initiated in MA, the Republicans refused to take part because, as Mitch McConnell said, they wanted to make Obama a one-term president by refusing to give him a win. One of the biggest hypocrites was Sarah Palin who denounced as “death panels” the proposal that she herself championed as governor.

      Now that there is a Republican president again, those in congress have shown they have absolutely no regard for the deficit, giving a massive tax cut that mainly benefits the wealthy. They also show that despite all their talk of family values and condemnation of Bill Clinton, they actually care nothing about marital fidelity or even personal ethics. All they care about is power.
      These are the things that made me switch from being a Republican to voting for Democrats. I would prefer a third party that was centrist, but inf fact, that’s what most Democrats are. Policy analyses have shown that Obama was to the right of Nixon, for example.

      The biggest thing that makes me support Democrats now though, is the environment. The majority of climate scientists has long warned that global temperatures are rising. Republicans, backed by oil companies, long denied that, but when that became nearly impossible, they started saying, yes, it is warming, but not because of human activity. I say who cares? If we can do something to slow it, we should! Especially if it means that we no longer have to care what happens in the middle east and can pay less for electricity and gas. But Republicans are opposed even to raising fuel efficiency standards, even though those standards are already met in Europe! The current excuse is that if cars are more fuel efficient people will drive more and increase the risk of getting in an accident!! Can you believe that logic? OMG what would Republicans say if Democrats suggested a gas tax so people would drive less and therefore be less likely to get in an accident.
      I doubt if anyone is still reading, but if you are, thank you.

      • TDS


      • A. Oles

        I agree with you about Bill&infidelity and how badly the Republicans reacted, that is the reason why we ended up with Obama.

        But that is about all I agree with now, especially given Obama’s track record on promoting peace, he talked a lot but then did exactly the opposite. Nobel prize??? King of fracking is more like it.

        Hillary, a complete disaster also and still is and always will be. Sorry you lost my vote.

  • Anonymous Person

    “said they plan to keep attending the protests so long as Trump is
    president. On average, seven people from the organization join the
    nightly protest.”

    Thats pretty pathetic. TDS

  • Chkitout1

    It’s a shame these ladies oppose lower taxes, lower unemployment, lowest unemployment ever for minorities, more jobs, peace in the Middle East, peace talks with North Korea. Mr. President, continue to MAGA!!!

    • MAGA

      Looks to my like a textbook case of MAGAPHOBIA.

  • HAHA
    • Greg

      Hotlinking is disabled…

      • MAGA

        Link not working?

  • Gross

    In the 4th photo, the sheer smugness alone, would have caused me to deboard and wait for the next train.

  • Typical_Lib

    Looking at their website (https://herndonrestonindivisible.org/issues-gun-violence-prevention/) These clowns don’t seem to even understand what they stand for, aside from causing a scene and making a lot of noise…

  • Tom

    Good for them! November can’t come soon enough.

    • MAGA

      How’s that blue wave coming Tommy?

  • Michael Gandolfo

    Wow. Reading the comments section would leave me to believe that my community is filled with terrible people. When compared to the actual 2016 results (25.8% for Trump vs. 66.5 for Clinton), now I know the Reston Now comment section is filled with a very particular vocal minority of horrible people with terrible opinions. I’ll remember that for future articles.

    • LakeAnneVoter

      What about any of these comments lead you to believe any of these people are terrible people? Could you please explain your prejudice for the rest of the class?

      • Michael Gandolfo

        “In the 4th photo, the sheer smugness alone, would have caused me to deboard and wait for the next train.”
        “Thats pretty pathetic. TDS”
        “These clowns don’t seem to even understand what they stand for, aside from causing a scene and making a lot of noise…”
        “Reston now is the hyper localized version of The Atlantic, Salon, etc… Sad!”
        “explain your prejudice”

        And this is beside the fact that the Trump supporters in this thread are terrible alone based on the fact that they support:
        -Child Kidnapping and Abuse (Child Separation Policy)
        -Racism (“Very fine people, on both sides”)
        -Obstruction of Justice (Telling Lester Holt on national TV he fired Comey for not dropping the investigation into him)
        -Increased prices on goods (Tariff war)
        -Russia (Trusting Putin over the US IC)
        -Nuclear weapons (Cancelling the Iran deal)
        -Global Warming (withdrawing from the Paris Accords)

        I can go on and on, but I’ve fed the troll enough, which I have been trying to avoid lately. So I won’t be replying to whatever “rebuttal” you provide. Trump supports have decided that facts don’t matter, only alternative ones, so there really is no point arguing with you.

        • Doctor

          Think we found or TDS patient 1.


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