A First Look at Metro’s Next Generation of Rail Cars

by Fatimah Waseem September 5, 2018 at 10:15 am 8 Comments

Metro is offering a glimpse into its next generation of rail cars, which are similar to the stainless steel 7000-series launched three years ago.

On Tuesday (September 5), Metro announced it has begun the procurement process for the 8000-series, which will replace the 2000- and 3000-series cars, which went into service more than 10 years ago. Trains are needed to meet expanding service, especially as the expansion of the Silver Line to Dulles Airport and into Loudoun County comes closer to fruition.

Departing from previous ideas, which included open, raised platforms to reduce overcrowding, heated floors and onboard WiFi, the latest plans are similar to the 7,000-series currently in operating. New features include new digital advertising screens, support for remote PA announcements, digital system mats, 110-volt power outlets to charge electronic devices and more lighting, floor markings and signage for ADA areas.

“Today Metro is beginning the multi-year process of acquiring our next railcar fleet, which will take everything our customers love about 7000-series trains and build upon that success,” Wiedefeld said in a statement. “I would take this opportunity to again thank our local jurisdictions — Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia — for creating a dedicated capital funding source for Metro that has made this possible,” according to a statement by Metro.

Metro has issued a formal request for proposals, which will close in late January. A contract will be awarded sometime next year. The contract calls for purchasing up to 800 cars, including options to run more trains during rush hour, and retiring the 6000-series fleet. The new trains are expected to be in service in 2024.

Photos via Washington Metropolitan Area Authority

  • Metro strong

    sounds like a commercial but here it is: Metro must replace faulty wiring on every single one of its new 7000 Series
    rail cars in a process that could take a year or longer, according to a
    new internal review that also found other significant issues tied to
    the rail car manufacturing program.

    • Umust B Kidding

      Exactly right. The 8000s are waaaay off.

      • Metro strong

        Since the train is destined for the airport it would appear logical also to provide overhead luggage bins.

        • I’d rather post as a guest

          Since the train is also headed to Crazytown it might also include a lobotomy module. Hopefully we won’t need those though.
          Be sure to register and get out and vote.

          • “Crazytown

            Perhaps the promise of phallus is always dissatisfying in some way.

  • tattler

    It appears it’s operating at normal occupancy on the silver line.

  • vdiv

    It looks very institutional and depressing, small windows, dark blue and uncomfortable seats, stainless steel and dark grays all throughout, cold white illumination, small pox design motive for the Metro logo and headlights.
    It is absolutely terrible.

  • erikaboberika

    Massimo Vignelli would not approve!


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