Reston Community Center’s Knitting Circle Kicks Off on September 17

by RestonNow.com September 13, 2018 at 3:45 pm 6 Comments

Attention, knitting lovers: Reston Community Center’s Knitting Circle will begin its fall session this month.

In this instructor-led group at RCC Hunters Woods, attendees will learn how to knit on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The series will run from September 17 through November 21.

Registration is $50 for Reston residents and $75 for all others.

Participants can share ideas on knitting projects and work on new or existing projects. Knitters at all skill levels are invited to attend. Registration is available online.

Photo via RCC

  • I’d rather post as a troll

    Remember to bring your side arm while walking to and from the class.

    • Why do you bother?

      Congratulations – you successfully posted as a troll.

  • Confirmation pending

    Ok I ll bite. 75 if it yields a pussy hat.

    • Arielle in NoVA

      If you want to make a quickie, inexpensive pussy hat, buy a secondhand pink sweater (even a kid’s size) from a yard sale or The Closet or wherever. Cut out two of the shape you want (usually a rectangle), about 1″ wider and taller than you want it to end up (big enough for your head). Start from the open bottom of the sweater if at all possible so you just have to sew around three of the sides.


      • tattler

        I don’t

      • Mike M

        If you wanna make an arse hat, just put one of these things on and strut around shouting and pumping your fist in the air.


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