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CenterStage to Screen Norman Lear Documentary Ahead of Northern Virginia Jewish Film Festival

by RestonNow.com October 2, 2018 at 1:30 pm 10 Comments

The Northern Virginia Jewish Film Festival is coming to the Angelika Film Center and Cafe in Fairfax on October 18 through 28. Reston Community Center will hold a preview ahead of the festival with a screening of the documentary “Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You” tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at the CenterStage.

The documentary explores the legacy of lear’s 1970s TV sitcoms. Lear created and produced sitcoms, including All in the Family, The Jeffersons, and Maude. His shows explored social and political issues ranging from the Vietnam War, racial prejudice, sexism, and homophobia.

The 18th annual Northern Virginia Film Festival is presented by the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia. More than 12 films will be screened during the festival that explores Jewish life, culture, and identity.

The preview screening in Reston is free and open to all ages.

Photo via RCC

  • Mike M

    “His shows explored social and political issues . . .”

    His left wing propaganda succeeded in liberalizing the nation.

    • The Original Drive By Critic

      …and were largely ineffective in actually changing anyone’s opinion on the issues. It was just a handful of Hollywood types talking to their fans.

      • Mike M

        I don’t agree. I think he was part of a broader media movement that Liberalized the USA. During the 80s, if you made a Conservative statement lefties would call you “Archie Bunker,” as though that was some sort of counter statement. The leftist media tagged the right as clownish by fundamental nature in a way that avoided dealing with the issues.

    • Conservative Ideology

      That’s right: everyone should shut up, put their heads down, and do what they’re told.

      • Greg

        I thought only men must do that (begins about 1:30):


      • Mike M

        Isn’t that what the left advocates? If you don’t do these things, then you are [email protected], right? Try higher taxes, gun control, Obamacare, religion, freedoim of speech? The list is endless. The left is becoming Stalinesque.

        • Conservative Ideology

          The right accusing anyone else of becoming Stalinesque is completely laughable. Take a look at yourselves! Cronyism, nepotism, chronic lying, false propaganda, gaslighting, hypocrisy, seeking to delegitimize elections, strongarm tactics, intimidation. The list is endless, and you’re all marching right along with it.

          • Mike M

            Cronyism, nepotism, chronic lying, false propaganda, etc. These have nothing to do with me or true Conservatism. You must have Trump derangement syndrome whereby you think people are their candidates. Are you Hilary?

    • Warrior Canary

      Dude, just admit you hate Jewish people and go. This is a story about real oppression that happened in the world. If anything, it’s a history lesson, but if you think facts are leftists propaganda, then go off, I guess.

      • Mike M

        Wow! Can you not see the silly leap you just made to turn my political views into bigotry? It’s all you! I’m so sorry you can’t handle opposing political views. But take solace in the whiny, like-minded mob around you.


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