Financial Study: Fairfax County is the Best Place to Retire

by RestonNow.com October 4, 2018 at 3:45 pm 13 Comments

A new study says that Fairfax County is one of the best places in Virginia to retire.

The rankings were compiled by financial website Smartasset.com, which used factors like healthcare access, the number of retirement-focused recreational centers and overall tax burden, to determine the best places to retire in Virginia.

The website wrote the following description about Fairfax County’s retirement-friendliness:

If you’re looking to retire in the great outdoors, Fairfax County may be the perfect place for you. The region houses many national parks, including Great Falls National Park and Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge, the nation’s first sanctuary for bald eagles. You can also visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

You’d also have more than 300 miles of hiking trails to tackle as you stay active. In fact, the Fairfax County Park Authority runs more than 400 parks among more than 20,000 acres. Some feature wildlife preserves and working farms. But nature isn’t Fairfax’s only perk. You also have more than 200 regional shopping centers. And don’t worry too much about your wallet. The region’s mid-range 16.7% tax burden falls well below that of major cities. So it would behoove you to invest in tax-advantaged savings vehicles like a 401(k) or individual retirement account (IRA). And where can you use your hard earned savings? At tons of recreation centers, including an ice-skating rink and Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. You also have more than 800 playgrounds you can bring the grandkids to. And if you need it, Fairfax has more than 13 medical centers per 1,000 people. Overall, Fairfax County is definitely the place to retire in if you love the outdoors and still want some action in your life

Other areas that made the list include Falls Church (#2), which was described as a welcome sport for outdoor enthusiasts, and Vienna (#7), which was described as a place best-suited for art lovers.

  • Greg

    With property taxes increasing nearly 30 percent over the past five years, unless one gets a free government-owned townhouse like those pictured in the leading image, it’s not affordable.

    • Why do you bother?

      Not to mention that housing costs are stratospheric here. What were they thinking??

      Clearly, costs were not included in their equation.

      • vdiv

        The cost, quality and availability of healthcare too.

      • 30yearsinreston

        Costs paid by someone else aka taxpayers are not direct costs

  • tom mccauley

    The top of ten places to retire in Virginia.
    RestonNow should charge Smartasset for advertizing

  • Fact

    Somebody had to get paid for their “study”.

  • wasINWDC

    Lists like these are pretty much meaningless (and typically funded for promotional purposes).

  • KennyP

    You hear that Ken??!!!

  • Mike M

    For those of you who didn’t believe in fake news, . . . enjoy!
    The media has become junkier than ever.

  • 30yearsinreston

    The picture of free housing says it all
    Its a great place to retire if the rent is paid by the taxpayer and no taxes are due
    Where do we sign up ?

  • I iz edookaytid

    Typical conservative. Can’t even tell the difference between news media and second-rate business websites. No wonder the right is always so horrifically misinformed about everything.

    • Greg

      Remember: HHNHH!

    • Mike M

      Yes. You know real news when it says Trump is the devil. You know like SNL, Bill Maher, Colbert, MSNBC, and CNN – all of whom demonstrate the onset of Trump Deremangement Syndrome.

      Please, tell me what “the right” is so horrifically misinformed? Or do you avoid specifics in favor of polemics?


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