Reno of the Month: Reston Home Design Trends that are Here to Stay

by Mina Fies, Synergy Design & Construction

Interior Design trends come and go — so how do you know which have staying power and which ones will make you say “That was so 2018” in a couple of years? Before you splurge on that remodel you’ve been thinking about, here’s my advice on how to get the look you want without going over-the-top on trends.

Kitchen Cabinets

All-white kitchen cabinets are a great example of a design trend with longevity. White cabinetry continues to be a firm favorite and is a great choice for a clean, modern look.

However, we started to see a move away from the all-white kitchen a few years ago. It started with homeowners willing to take a risk with a different colored island, or different colored/two toned cabinets. It’s a beautiful look.

More recently, we’ve seen a shift to different colored kitchens altogether. Those who want to play it safe have been choosing neutral sand colors, but some have gone all-out with blues, greens and even black accents!

You don’t have to go ultra-modern to get the look. The key to great design is respecting the aesthetic of the rest of your home so it feels cohesive.


Portuguese and Moroccan-inspired tile is everywhere right now!

A friend recently asked, “I love this look, but will I regret it in a few years?” There’s a way to do it right. If you aren’t a risk taker, then start small. Use the tile you love in a mudroom or laundry room, or use it as an accent piece behind your stove in the kitchen.

My prediction is this look is here to stay, so have fun with it!


Once the staple of the family home, wallpaper got a bad reputation after the 80’s overuse with lots of busy patterns and borders. Not any more! The resurgence of wallpaper started a few years ago with statement accent walls and now it’s now back with a bang!

New wallpapers are geometric, textured and beautiful. Believe it or not, floral wallpaper is back too, but with a modern twist with large flowers that make really bold (yet tasteful) statements!


Hardwood was the only way to go for many years. However, there’s new competition on the block and hardwood is no longer the must-have solution. Alternative flooring types bring a few benefits: some are more eco-friendly and/or are less expensive than hardwood.

Bamboo floors are a great option and look beautiful. They have similar water resistance and durability as hardwood but are more environmentally friendly because bamboo grows quickly (and therefore takes less time to replace).

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has also made a big comeback. This is not your Grandma’s kitchen floor. The new LVT is modern, hard wearing and can look beautiful in any space in your home. You’ve probably seen this in homes and not even realized it was LVT!

With lumber tariffs having an ever-increasing impact on remodeling costs, the trend for non-hardwood floors is growing with all signs pointing to the reign of hardwood being over.

Brass Fixtures

For the last decade (and counting), brass fixtures were everywhere. Everyone was ready to leave the heady days of 1980/90s brass everywhere in the past and there was a shift to satin nickel and chrome.

Well, what was old is new again, but with an updated look. Gold brass has been given an updated look with softer shades and finishes. What’s nice about the new-look brass is that is pairs so well with the trend of mixed metals.

That’s right, not every fixture has to match any more — brass and mixed metals have been all over the design shows and magazines this year.

Is it a trend that will stick? If you do it right! But no, that doesn’t mean you get to claim your faucets from 1985 are once again trendy!

This month’s remodel features a single family home remodel in North Reston. What we loved about these wonderful clients was their desire to think outside the box with regards to cabinetry. Anything is possible: we even matched the blue cabinetry to the homeowner’s favorite blue purse!

Find out more about our approach to remodeling. Not ready to remodel and just want to keep in touch? Sign up to receive design inspiration directly in your inbox!

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