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Proposed Zoning Changes Spark Local Backlash

by Vernon Miles November 30, 2018 at 3:45 pm 5 Comments

As Reston is projected to continue growing at a dramatic pace, Fairfax County is moving forward with a proposed zoning amendment to allow for greater density. But a group of Reston citizens are protesting the move, saying the proposed amendment is rushed through and under-explained.

The zoning amendment would increase the maximum population per acre in the Planned Residential Community (PRC) district from 13 persons to 15. Dwelling units per acre would increase from 50 units to 70 near Metro stations.

The Board of Supervisors is anticipated to authorize public hearings on the zoning changes at its upcoming Tuesday (Dec. 4) meeting. Public comment will not be heard at the meeting.

A group of citizens calling themselves the Coalition for a Planned Reston wrote a letter to Supervisor Cathy Hudgins saying that approval of the zoning amendment would be premature.

“The Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) is deeply concerned and dismayed by the announcement that you have requested County staff to move forward with the proposed PRC Zoning Ordinance Amendment,” the CPR wrote in the letter. “We strongly urge you to withdraw your request immediately and to complete the community dialogue to which you committed.”

The letter included a list of 23 areas where the groups say Fairfax County officials have supplied inadequate information. Among the criticisms of the zoning amendment are exemptions given to developers with proposals that do not conform with the Reston Master Plan.

Some of the topics of the letter involve the minutiae of zoning amendments but others — like what the CPR calls a lack of clarity over the expected number of students the added density would have on the school systems — could shape Reston for years to come.

This isn’t the first letter from the CPR over the issue. The group had previously sent a letter on Aug. 1 urging Hudgins to suspend action on the amendment. The Reston Association has also expressed concern about the impact of the zoning amendment.

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  • dudewe

    A black coal for Christmas! What a farce- The county holds public hearings but does not listen to its citizens….

  • statistically insignificant

    out of 20k households only one complaint comment!

  • Richard Blaine

    Supervisor Hudgins seems determined to sully what remains of her legacy by pushing forward with a zoning amendment to allow increased density in Reston. It is hard to tell whether she suffers from hubris or indifference to the concerns of her constituents, or both. It is clear that Hudgins did not live up to her commitment to complete the community dialogue undertaken during the summer. Apparently she does not believe that Restonians will take assertive action to let the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor know that Supervisor Hudgins has lost touch with the residents of Reston.

  • Thomas Stearns

    Reston deserves better representation than we receive from Hudgins. She has bought into an unjustified level of density and supports nearly any proposed project that developers come up with. Apparently the Supervisor needs to justify the massive expenditures for the Silver Line, as her ego investment in that miscalculation outweighs the impact to the quality of life of current and future Reston residents. Shame on you Supervisor Hudgins.

  • Conservative Senior

    Hudgins is not worth the $95 K she receives + the huge staff. She is awful & needs to be replaced!


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