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Proposed Reston Heights Changes Won’t Impact Retailers Previously Announced for Development

by Catherine Douglas Moran February 7, 2019 at 3:30 pm 9 Comments

Roughly half of a dozen retailers won’t be affected by JBG Smith Properties’ newest proposed changes to the Reston Heights development.

The developer filed a request with the Fairfax County seeking to scale back planned office and retail space at the mixed-use development near the future Reston Town Center Metro station, Washington Business Journal reported.

The story says that the request includes the removal of existing entitlements for 215,000 square feet of office space, along with 3,600 square feet of retail space the company does not plan to construct at the 385-unit VY apartment community (11830 Sunrise Valley Drive).

JBG Smith told the Washington Business Journal via a spokesman that the request to eliminate the office space is a “change in strategy away from office toward residential in that location.”

Meanwhile, that change keeps the planned retailers intact.

The retail space reduction won’t affect any of the previously announced retailers coming to Reston Heights, a spokesperson for JBG Smith told Reston Now.

The developer announced several retailers for VY around this time last yearWillpower Functional Fitness, Allure Nails, Signature Thai, Super Chicken and Reston Kabob are all “coming soon” to VY, according to the apartment’s website.

The more than 3,000 square feet of retail planned to be removed would be in the base of the building, the spokesperson said.

The Reston Association declined to comment for this story because neither the RA nor its Design Review Board has received any information from JBG Smith about their reconfiguration plans. “Any reconfiguration of the project by JBG Smith will have to come back to Reston Association’s DRB,” Mike Leone, RA’s spokesman, told Reston Now.

JBG Smith would need approval from the county’s Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors to remove the office, Washington Business Journal reported, noting that this isn’t the first time the developer has sought changes to the site’s plans.

Images via VY and JBG Smith

  • 30yearsinreston

    Over built office space?
    No, of course not
    Just more free Hudgins houses with no increase in infrastructural

    • Conservative Senior

      It’s easy to have approval of apartments & then after a year or two convert them to condos. That’s what Carlton House did.

  • Scott

    How is this place not done yet?

    • Mike M

      There is still a little space between the current new structures and the curb! 😉

      • Ray Wedell

        Creepy feel. Almost like the proposed border wall prototype.

  • VY screwed up?

    so ~ 220,000 sq feet of office and retail will be converted to residential – by JBG standards that is over 200 more apartments. my guess, without business to support it there is a good chance rental rates and real estate valuations will drop 25 to 40%.

    hard to believe that this is what the county wants. infrastructure woes and resident resistance will provide more clues. already we have traffic logjam from soapstone to reston parkway during peak. JBG should proffer the soapstone connector perhaps but they certainly do not own this town!

    • 30yearsinreston

      Proffer roads and infrastructure ?
      That would stick in Hudgins craw

    • Ray Wedell

      The voice of the canary in this coal mine gets more strained. When will people realize that “build it and they will come” and “plan it and it will happen” cannot be counted on as a Government planning strategy?

      • Mike M

        The People’s Republic of China comes to mind.


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