Meet Mona Leasha, a black Retriever/Labrador mix available for adoption locally.

Here is what her friends at Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation have to say about her:

Mona Leasha is a thing of beauty and a cuddly one too! Her big, enigmatic eyes will draw you in and make it hard to look away from all the cuteness!

This pretty lady is a wonderful walking companion, who is happy to accompany you wherever you want to go. Mona can be leash reactive with some other dogs — usually those that are bigger than her — and her foster is working with her on this. Her adopter should continue this training.

Mona Leasha otherwise has a very calm, sweet demeanor and is always happy to make new friends. When we’ve turned her loose in the yard with other dogs during playgroup, she’s turned up the energy and ran and wrestled with the fastest of them!

She is very curious about everyone and everything in her surroundings. Once she gets to know you, she likes to say hello with gentle kisses and lots of tail wagging! Mona Leasha is basically potty-trained, smart and treat motivated. She does have a little incontinence, but it is controlled by medication, and she has no problem rocking a fashionable dog diaper when needed.

Are you and Mona Leasha a match?


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