Reston, VA

Meet Uma and Circus, 10-year-0ld kitties who are available for adoption locally.

Here’s what their friends at Fancy Cats Rescue Team had to say about them:

Uma and Circus were pulled when their time was up at a Maryland shelter. Big boy Circus is calm and loves being pet. He’s very easygoing and may seem slightly hesitant at first but quickly warms up and then shows you what a social but gentle giant he is. Circus is a playful guy if you initiate it and is happy to catch the feather wand over and over again.

His pal, Uma, is a sleek house panther and takes her playing very seriously. Once you give her the feather toy, she will not let go of it — it’s HERS! She’s a very chatty girl, and if you can get a very fun dialogue going with her, she will keep responding! While Uma is a very social lady, she does have a diva side, so it’s important to know when she is overstimulated by too much playing or petting. (A thumping tail on any cat is a sure sign!) These 10-year-olds are housed at our adoption center at the Chantilly PetSmart.

Are you, Uma and Circus the perfect trio?


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