How to improve intimacy in your relationship

If you’re asking, “how can I spice things up in the bedroom?,” then you’re asking the wrong question. The real solution, according to Espinoza Therapy, is understanding what’s holding you back.

It’s not about trying new tricks to spark romance. It’s about figuring out the obstacles that block intimacy every day.

These obstacles might be:

  • Mental health issues, like stress or anxiety
  • General tiredness or exhaustion with your life
  • Tension in your relationship caused by ongoing arguments

All of these can seriously affect how you feel about connection, romance and pleasure.

So what should you be asking instead?

Start by identifying the blocks to intimacy in your life, and working together with your partner to overcome them. This will create a stronger bond and a more intimate atmosphere. The key is knowing that relationships – and the people in them – are complicated. Real intimacy needs honest communication, understanding, and empathy.

If you want to dig deeper with the guidance of a qualified therapist, contact Espinoza Therapy for a free 15 minute video consultation.

Let us help you communicate better with your partner, for a more intimate and satisfying relationship!

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