Man Arrested For Inappropriate Contact With Minor at RA Pool

by Karen Goff July 11, 2014 at 9:40 am 4,394 21 Comments

Glade Pool/File photo(Updated, 9:40 a.m. Friday)

A man was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly had inappropriate contact with a minor at the Glade Pool, Fairfax County Police said.

Fairfax County Police Public Information Officer Ludy Caldwell said police responded to a complaint of a sex offense involving an adult male and a minor at the pool located at 11550 Glade Dr. in Reston at around 3:30 p.m.

Following an investigation, a suspect was arrested. Dharam Jindal, 60, of Shadbush Court in Reston, was charged with carnal knowledge with a minor, said Caldwell. The suspect being held without bond at the the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.

Reston Association says it is cooperating with police in the investigation. The mens’ locker room was investigated as a crime scene on Thursday, but is now reopened, RA officials said.

  • concerned mom

    Yikes! I will definitely start having my 6year old boy come into the ladies room with me

    • Agree

      I do that already with my 7yo son.

    • Lisa

      I am completely sympathetic to those parents with young kids of the opposite gender, but there need to be family exits and bathrooms for just this reason. I also would not want to send my 7 year old son through the mens locker room unattended, but it’s also incredibly uncomfortable to have to change in the womens room while a 7 year old boy is staring at you. As a parent, I would do the same thing you are doing, if there wasn’t a safe male to get them through the men’s locker room, but I hope the Reston Association realizes that there is a need here for a more appropriate option.

      • Tough

        Get over yourself. That boy does not have an inappropriate interest in you, and it does you no harm if he sees you changing. (If anything, he’ll be warped for life by the sight of your flabby, wrinkled, aging body.)

        I remember my mom taking me into women’s restrooms and changing rooms when I was a little boy. I didn’t like being in there, but it was better than being molested.

        • Alice T

          Given the hoopla over a woman exposing a breast in public, it is not surprising that many women feel uncomfortable undressing with a 7 year old boy in the room. Lisa said she would do the same and suggested a different solution. No reason to be abusive about a normal human emotion.

          • Tough

            The changing room is not “in public”. There is no more reason to object to the presence of a 7yo boy in the room than a 7yo girl. Both have equal (ZERO) prurient interest in her saggy boobs. If she’s that sensitive, she should change at home.

        • Intelligent_Hoodlum

          Don’t be disrespectful, “tough”…or more appropriately, Keyboard Gangster! So, with your logic, do you think that it’s appropriate to take a 7 year old girl into the Men’s changing room? Exactly!

          • Tough

            I have no problem with that. I take my daughter through the men’s room when I take the kids to the pool myself. (And oh by the way, since men and women do not represent an equal danger of molestation, the cases are hardly equivalent. There is much less danger (essentially, none) sending a girl through the women’s room solo than sending a boy solo through the men’s room.)

        • Lisa

          Well, bless your heart. Glad to see communication skills are alive and well.

  • LM

    If that was my daughter or nephew the police would have needed to bring a shovel to scrape the guy’s remains off the pool deck.

    • ML

      HaHa! Nice!

  • Billy Smith

    Why do they have to have lockers and showers? Why can’t people come in their swimsuits wearing cover-ups or something similar?

    • clambj

      Precisely. Not sure why people would be changing into bathing suits at these pools or why they would be sending their children into bathrooms to change by themselves. Besides, the story doesn’t exactly state what happened or where at the pool this incident took place.

      • .

        It is not changing into bathing suits so much as changing OUT of them so they don’t have to wear wet bathing suits in the car on the way home. It is reasonable to have a place to do this. I have done it myself at Glade. Wouldn’t send my son into one by himself at Glade or any other pool, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate, and use, the locker rooms.

    • novarider

      Ffx county code and most other counties require that you shower before entering the pool. As a result a designated bath house is required.

  • Igotoglade

    Does anyone know the age of the boy involved? It does not make a difference if it is a minor, but still curious. I am very surprised as this is a very well trafficked and small bathroom.

    • taffytoo

      is it a boy or girl victim?..not that it matters really..still a victim…sad

  • igotoglade

    as and fyi..you can google this persons name…

  • Jennifer

    Safety of our children should be the community’s first priority regardless of sex, age and location. I would risk injury and litigation in order to protect any minor. I do not have children but I am sensitive to the needs of families around me. The only way we can survive as a community is to teach our children about differences, how to respect them and when to protect them. Children will run the world some day soon and I prefer that they understand that we are all vulnerable human beings.

  • AM

    I was there when the cops showed up. I can’t imagine how this happened – as someone else mentioned, this is really a pass-through area that was pretty busy at the time. The area in the bathroom that was being secured by the police was not in a stall or otherwise private area, it was out in the open. The Virginia definition of “carnal knowledge with a minor” is basically consensual intercourse with a child between the ages of 13 and 15. Again, I can’t imagine how such a situation could play out at that place and time. It did seem that someone else witnessed it and reported it, so thank goodness for good samaritans.

  • concerned mom

    curious as to why the RA hasn’t taken the time to send out some sort of communication on this situation. I feel for the lifeguards who are working at all of the pools as they are certainly being questioned and should have some guidance as to how to handle questions etc.


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