Progress Report: Red’s Table at South Lakes Village Center

by Karen Goff July 23, 2014 at 4:30 pm 1,515 18 Comments

Red's TableThe owners of Red’s Table, the restaurant that will go into the South Lakes Village Center space formerly occupied by the Lakeside Inn, hope to begin construction on the new place in August.

The waterfront space at South Lakes Village Center has been vacant since the Lakeside Inn closed last October after 22 years. Construction crews gutted the space about two months ago.

Ryan Tracy — a Red’s Table owner, along with his brothers Matt and Pat — said the Fairfax County permitting process is taking longer than anticipated.

“We hope to start construction in the month of August,” he said. “If that happens, we hope to be open by November/December.”

The Tracy brothers are planning “American cuisine with fresh, local products, oysters, good sandwiches, as well as local craft beer and local wines,” Ryan Tracy said earlier this year. There will be an open kitchen and additional outdoor seating, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Lake Thoreau.

  • Visonary703

    Lakeside was awful. Can’t wait.

  • Susie Domingues

    Finally is all I have to say. This sounds like a restaurant owner that knows his stuff and doing something truly innovative in Northern Virginia. This is going to be amazing. Lake Thoreau is a beautiful spot. Way to go!

  • Love It and Can’t Wait!! Especially love to hear “Fresh and Local”. We have such great local farmers with such fresh offerings, it will be awesome to have a truly fresh, local (and thus healthy) hang out with such a great view!!

  • Tina Strover

    Wow! I could not agree more with all of these comments! I can’t wait to shuck my first oyster and sip on some champagne. I’ll bring my husband. After, I bring my ladies! ; )

  • Oddling

    American cuisine and craft beer…sounds sooo innovative Lol. And Visionary, I’m guessing you are awful too.

  • Johnny balls

    I think this place is gonna suck

  • FantaFanta

    Excellent, another new Reston restaurant with zero personality.

  • louannwright

    Let’s not down the Lakeside! Many friends and good hard working people worked there and made for a welcoming neighborhood meeting venue. Let’s see what the ” new people” will be able to do!

  • Biff Lomax

    I doubt Michele has eaten anything fresh or healthy in this decade..

  • South Lakes Resident

    No hating on Lakeside, but they really needed to update pretty much everything.
    I’m looking forward to a potential dinner destination that has some character and is NOT a chain.

  • Mike M

    Visionary, I think you got more agreement with that than I’ve seen on Reston Now! Lakeside had it’s limitations. I wonder what someone else will do with that space. I’ve noticed the variety and number of restaurants in the area dwindling. It surprises me because the recession never hit here like elsewhere. Maybe everyone is house broke.

  • foodie

    yay! Good food and local spirits sounds like a welcome change, and we do welcome you Red Table. To those pooh-poohing before you’ve even had a chance to experience, wtf? Would you prefer this space to stay vacant forever?

  • Mr. Right

    September is here with no construction…weak….

  • Neighbor

    Let’s go Tracy Bros – what’s the hold up/delay? A little action in early September and that was it. Second thoughts? Pay no attention to the haters below

    • Karen Goff

      Actually, there is a lot of construction going on there right now. It’s just going to take time.

      • Jen

        Hi Karen, any chance an opening date has been set?!

  • It’s now mid-October and I still haven’t seen anything. Could you possibly inquire and post an update?

  • Sassy

    Finally. Lakeside Inn was beyond awful.


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