Fill This Space: Cafe Lakeside’s Lunch Counter

by Karen Goff August 7, 2014 at 1:00 pm 10 Comments

Empty Lake Anne Pharmacy lunch counter

It has been six months since owners Alfredo and Rocio Melendez  flipped their last burger and scooped the last ice cream at Cafe Lakeside.

The breakfast and lunch counter at Lake Anne Plaza — under different names and owners — has been part of Lakeside Pharmacy for decades.

The Melendez’s closed the food service in February when the pharmacy went under contract to be sold. With the space’s future uncertain, the couple decided to retire.

Meanwhile, ownership of the pharmacy has turned over and the business continues to operate. Reston real estate brokers say that the lunch counter space can be leased or sold separately.

So, what do you think should go in this waterfront location at Lake Anne Plaza? Should it be a restaurant? Or another kind of business separate from the pharmacy?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

  • Larisa Briggs

    I love the lunch counter idea. I think it should stay that way

  • Larisa Briggs

    Or a kitty Cafe. They jut started opening in the states. They are big in Japan (Song ref unintentional)

  • Alice T

    Whatever it is, it should be separate from the pharmacy. Eating at the pharmacy just seems creepy to me. I know it was big in the past, but now it just seems cobwebbed, not classic. But keeping made-on-site, premium ice cream would be great. Some place like JP LIcks in Boston.

  • reston99

    Ice cream shop seems like a winner. second choice, wine bar.

  • Karen Snyder Richardson

    I would love for Cafe Lakeside to be a mom and pop (not a chain) ice cream, smoothy, and fruit waters shop. If feasible, offering a very basic breakfast and lunch menu all day would be an added bonus. Otherwise, it would be nice if fruit salads and veggie-based salads could be offered. Would be happy if they could keep the stools and have a small town diner atmosphere. Separating it from the pharmacy might be a good idea.

  • Mike M

    Where is that sarcastic “bookstore” dude when you need him?

  • Kbs

    Peterson’s ice cream like the depot in Clifton…

  • Max

    Hawaii shave ice along with a good sandwich shop. I miss that old sandwich shop that used to be at Lake Anne.

    • reston99

      yes, that was a good deli..best subs in town.

  • thebratwurstking

    If I could just afford it: The Bratwurst King, sausage variety, schnitzels with all the sides. Plus crepes all day long…


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