New Nearby: Sully Highlands Park in Herndon

by Karen Goff September 15, 2014 at 4:19 pm 13 Comments

Sully Highlands Park/Credit: Fairfax County Park AuthorityFairfax County has a new athletic complex that features a dedicated synthetic turf cricket field.

County officials officially opened Sully Highlands Park at 13808 Wall Rd. on Saturday. The park is located off of Centreville Road in unincorporated Herndon.

This park was established through a partnership between the Fairfax County government, athletic organizations and local developer proffers.

Developers Timber Ridge at Discovery Square, Inc. provided $6 million, which covered most of the cost of the 17-acre park, county officials said.

The facilities at Sully Highlands were developed in part to replace multiple diamond and rectangular fields that Chantilly Youth Association (CYA) had developed and maintained for several years on private property close to the park.

New features at Sully Highlands: two side-by-side lighted synthetic rectangular fields with a cricket pitch between them; two lighted and irrigated 60-foot baseball diamonds; one lighted and irrigated 90-foot ball diamond; a trail system, and a 270-space parking lot.

Sully District Fairfax County Park Authority Board rep Harold Strickland said Sully Supervisor Michael Frey played a key role in obtaining the necessary proffers.

“To begin with, Supervisor Michael Frey insisted that proffers be used to ensure replacement of the fields that development took away,” Strickland said in a release. “The folks at Timber Ridge, especially manager Stan Settle and partner Rick Dibella, really worked closely with us.”

Strickland also said that CYA contributed significant money to the project.

More facilities will be built at Sully Highlands. CYA contributed $120,000 and is partnering with the park authority to build two batting cages for the 60-foot diamonds, a fenced pitcher’s warm up area for the 90-foot diamond, a playground, and picnic tables with concrete pads.

The Park Authority Board also approved a $20,000 Mastenbrook matching grant and approximately $35,000 in park proffers for the batting cages and other new amenities.The total project budget for these additions is $174,490.65, the county says.

Sully Highlands is the second Fairfax County park to feature a synthetic cricket field to accommodate the growing sport. The other one is at Oak Marr Rec Center. There is a natural grass cricket field at Lake Fairfax Park in Reston.

Photo: Sully Highlands Park/Credit: Fairfax County Park Authority

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Is there a cricket team in the area?

    • mastema

      yeah i mean, there’s field hockey but… cricket? crikey.

  • Bill Bouie

    This is a great addition to our park system and this is actually our second synthetic turf cricket pitch, the other one is at Oak Marr Rec Center. We also have a 3rd cricket field, a natural grass surface at Lake Fairfax. Kudos to Board Member Hal Strickland and Supervisor Michael Frey for their vision and working over many years to make this happen.

    Fairfax County citizens love their parks and hope to continue to provide them with the very best park system and facilities in the country.

    • Reston Realist

      Please note that none of the facilities Mr. Bouie identifies are in Reston. In fact, he and the FCPA expect Reston to provide its own COUNTY parks & recreation facilities, including a referendum next year on a bond for Restonians to pay for constructing and financing a new COUNTY recreation center in Baron Cameron Park. Just you watch!

      • John

        Lake Fairfax is in Reston

      • Bill Bouie

        Not to get into a back and forth with you Reston Realist, but you are totally wrong and inaccurate. There is no such referendum on the agenda for a Rec Center of any type next year. The next scheduled Park Authority Bond referendum is scheduled for November, 2016 and the contents of that bond program will not be decided until late 2015. Those are the facts, and Lake Fairfax is in Reston.

        • Reston Realist

          Actually, Mr. Bouie, you may have made my point. The rec center proposal calls for a Reston Special District #5 (RCC) bond referendum, not a county-wide Park Authority one. And, of course, you sit on the RCC Board.
          Does FCPA (of which you are the Board Chairman) intend to prevent RCC from pursuing a bond referendum?
          See Item #3 in this RCC “FAQs” here for details: http://restoncommunitycenter.com/pdfs/rcc-indoor-rec-facility-faqs.pdf
          Lake Fairfax is NOT in Reston per the latest County map of Reston presented at Saturday’s community meeting on Reston planning. It seems to be there only when it’s more convenient for FCPA.

          • Bill Bouie

            Reston Realist, the RCC Board has made NO DECISION to pursue a Rec Center and if it does it will go to a referendum of Small District 5 voters before anything is finalized. NO REFERENDUM IS SCHEDULED!!!!!!

            Lake Fairfax is in Reston, as the only boundaries, as defined by the County, are the Small District 5 boundaries which includes Lake Fairfax. That is the official boundary of Reston.

            There is no question that a Rec Center is needed in Reston and in the Hunter Mill District. That has been validated. What has not been determined is where it is to be located and how it will be paid for. The Park Authority is constantly exploring ways to meet the ever growing demands of tour diverse population and will be completing a new county wide needs assessment next year. If we look at our last needs analysis of what is needed, from a capital building, land acquisition, and maintenance program, there is a significant gap, over $200M, in meeting those requirements. Therefore we look to partnerships to provide as much support as we can through proffers, land dedications, and bonds to bridge that gap as much as we can.

            Just as Developers Timber Ridge at Discovery Square, Inc. provided the turnkey Sully Highlands Park, we hope to work with others to provide other projects as well as development continues. Our many community groups have stepped up to provide a major source of funding for our Synthetic Turf Program. There are many trails groups that have worked to get land dedicated for new trail systems. The RCC is another potential partner on a number of fronts, so all avenues are being explored. All of these plans and projects that come to fruition are years in the making.

            I have heard many people critical of the upgrades and expansions of the Rec Centers at Spring Hill and Oak Marr. Those facilities are over 30 years old and needed upkeep and repair. The plans for those programs were years in the making and the decisions were made in 2007. This is 2014, so you can see the gap.

            I just want everyone to know we are doing the best that we can with what we have, and we will continue to explore ALL avenues to meet the needs of our citizens. This is in spite of our budgets being cut 1% next year, and an additional 3% in FY 2017.

            Thank you for your support of Park Bond Programs. Our citizens overwhelmingly pass those and without them we would be even further behind the curve. You can always contact me directly and I would be more than happy to meet and discuss all of these issues.

          • Reston Realist

            Under almost all circumstances, I would be more than happy to support a COUNTY recreation center in Reston paid for by all County property taxpayers, just not a COUNTY rec center paid for by RESTON taxpayers alone.
            And we’ll see if a Reston rec center gets put on the ballot next year. RCC’s administrator is sure pushing for that to happen.

          • Bill Bouie

            Here is your Reston Master Plan map, that is also the map for Small District 5.


          • Reston Realist

            Actually, that was the map for Phase 1 of the Master Plan. The link I provided (also from the County) is what has been proposed as Reston’s boundaries for Phase 2. The tax district is just that.
            I can’t think of any reason for the change other than the Phase 1 map makes it look like the County is providing adequate parks to cover the needs of the new residents of the station areas, since there are next to no County park additions in the Phase 1 plan for the 50K new residents there.

          • Bill Bouie

            I don’t disagree with you, making it happen is another thing and the reality is that we are going to need some partnering. Private, public, ….. but hopefully it will come to pass.

  • Constance (Connie) Hartke

    I know this field and think it’s excellent how the upgrade was paid for! Contributions from developers AND special interest groups. THAT is a great way to fund a regional recreation center. Put it in Reston Town Center North and get the tennis interests in on it as well as the regional swimmers – a really deluxe RECenter in Reston Town Center North with easy walkability to restaurants! (https://www.restonnow.com/2014/01/03/watch-this-space-what-will-happen-at-town-center-north/)


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