Reston, VA

Friday Morning Rundown

Reston's official bird: the pileated woodpecker (Photo via Flickr/Joshlaymon)Meet the Official Bird of Reston — The pileated woodpecker won the most votes in Friends of Reston’s poll to pick a representative bird. The red-headed bird with a laugh-like call and a 30-inch wingspan won 23 percent of votes, beating out the Eastern bluebird, American goldfinch, barred owl and great blue heron. [Friends of Reston]

Educating Unaccompanied Minors — Fairfax County could spend an estimated $14 million a year teaching children who crossed the U.S. border without their parents, County Supervisor Pat Herrity said. Unaccompanied minors number 1,775 in the county, at a per-pupil cost of $14,755 for English language learners. [The Washington Post]

‘Slow Down’ Traffic Signs — Fairfax County police are distributing yellow yard signs urging drivers to reduce their speed. “Slow Down: You Live Here. We Live Here,” is the message on the signs set to appear in neighborhoods. [Fairfax County Police Department]


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