Supervisors Discuss, Vote on Lake Anne Changes Tuesday

by Karen Goff December 1, 2014 at 9:30 am 7 Comments

Artists Rendering of Lake Anne Redevelopment/Credit: LARPThe Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Tuesday regarding changes to the comprehensive plan for redevelopment at Reston’s Lake Anne.

The plan, recommended by the Fairfax County Planning Commission last month mostly looks at densities and adds continuity to the six separate Land Bays comprising the comprehensive plan, said a spokesman for Lake Anne Development Partners, which is planning and designing the improvements around Lake Anne.

The plan, as approved in 2013, calls for a mix of uses and intensities in designated zones surrounding Lake Anne’s original village center, but leaves the historic part of the plaza untouched.

The changes to be discussed this week mainly look at densities within the various “Land Bays’ — the areas in and around Lake Anne Plaza and nearby Crescent Apartments.

Lake Anne Development Partners was selected in 2013 after a Request for Proposals by the county to develop the project. The company says the changes only modify some of the density around within the various Land Units to be consistent with the design as it has evolved during the pre-planning process, but it does not actually represent any material change in the overall densities or intent of the original Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Lake Anne Village Center that was initiated in 2007 and approved in March 2009.

The plan as already approved calls for up to 1,415 dwelling units and 219,000 square feet of non-residential uses and up to 1,535 dwelling units and 113,000 square feet of non-residential use under full consolidation.

In an earlier version of the plan, the Millennium Bank Building, which currently houses the Just Cats Clinic, was scheduled for redevelopment, the Board of Supervisors documents state.  In documents previewing Tuesday’s hearing, it now says the building is slated to be retained. However, under consolidation, which is what the supervisors are voting on, it is likely to be torn down to make way for a wider plaza entry to the historic part of Lake Anne Plaza.

Entire staff report and land bay maps

“The Amendment will consider changes related to recommendations on the Full Consolidation Option, redevelopment of the Millennium Bank building, heritage resources and transportation,” the Supervisors’ agenda says.

The hearing is at 5 p.m. at the Fairfax County Government Center, 12055 Government Center Pkwy, Fairfax. To register to speak at the public hearing, follow the instructions and link on the Board of Supervisors’ website.

Artist’s rendering of redeveloped Lake Anne Plaza area/Credit: Lake Anne Development Partners

  • Terry Maynard

    While I don’t care about the proposed changes at Lake Anne (other than reporting them accurately), you have misinterpreted the Board summary statement re Millennium Bank building. The area “currently” is planned to include the bank; that is, it exists as planned. Here is the sentence following the one you generally quote above:

    “The Millennium Bank building is currently planned to be retained. The Amendment will consider changes related to recommendations on the Full Consolidation Option, redevelopment of the Millennium Bank building, heritage resources and transportation.”

    The Plan Amendment for the “future” Lake Anne Land Bay “A” plan shows the full picture, including the tear down of the Millennium Bank building. Please note again the change of the Land Bay “A” area map in the plan: Current = PDF p. 3, Proposed = PDF p. 5.

    The bank building will be gone when “A” is redeveloped if this passes (and it will). Only people who care about the “heritage” aspects of Lake Anne Plaza will care.

    • Karen Goff

      Terry – these amendments have been the among the most confusing ever. At the planning commission level, it said the bank building as planned to be demolished. Now it says right here in the BOS docs that the “Bank Building is currently planned to be retained.” Seriously, I am beyond confused.

      Either way, another person who is confused is the owner of Just Cats, who put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the building. So she definitely will care what happens.

      • Terry Maynard

        Yep. That’s a “feature” of planning staff report writing!

        I think the key here is the phrase, “the redevelopment (AKA demolishing) of the Millennium Bank Building….”

        It is made all the more confusing by the fact that the FCREVIT called for the demolition, but didn’t change the map to allow for it . . . so even County officials were (& maybe still are) confused.

        • Karen Goff

          Seriously, I have a headache. In any case, I added a sentence that may (hopefully) clear things up.

      • Laura Calacci

        Sorry to say it, but anyone who put hundreds of thousands of dollars into a cat only vet business at Lake Anne Plaza should have her head examined. Implode the whole damn thing.

  • Lake Anne Resident

    Either way, bring on the bulldozers!

  • coffeeHouse1982

    Sometimes one begins to wonder – Why do brain-dead wankers like Piers Morgan and Michael Bloomberg feel the need to constantly attack our Bill of Rights?


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