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RA’s Yellow Camp Shirts Get a Makeover for 2015

by Karen Goff March 24, 2015 at 4:30 pm 11 Comments

RA Camp Program Manager Dan Merenck (left) and Deputy Director for Recreation Laura Kowalski show off 2015 camp T-shirts

They are a familiar sight all over Reston: Reston Association Camp T-shirts on the backs of campers from ages 3 to 14. Kids in most of RA’s camps are required to wear the shirts daily.

The shirt design had not been updated in more than 15 years, said RA Camp Program Manager Dan Merenick said. So this year, the shirts have gotten an update.

Merenick said camp organizers wanted something that better reflected “Reston.” old camp1The new design features RA’s new mascot, Walker Woodpecker, with images of campers doing camper things such as hiking and playing soccer and and tennis.

The shirt also features the year — so expect yearly updates, says Merenick.

“We are going to ask campers for their own versions of what to put on future shirts,” he said.

Graphics for the 2015 shirts were done in-house, so the new design did not cost RA anything, he added.

RA has printed 680 shirts for the season. The shirts are $8 for youth sizes and $10 for adults and are available at RA Headquarters.

There is no requirement to purchase the new shirt, though. The old shirt is still an acceptable uniform (and a badge of honor for veteran campers).

Space is still available in some of the 2015 programs. Visit Reston Association’s website for more information and registration.

Photo —  Top: RA Camp Program Manager Dan Merenick (left) and Deputy Director for Recreation Laura Kowalski show off 2015 camp T-shirts; Bottom: Old RA camp T-Shirt design.

  • Unhappy camper

    Ugly. Old ones better.

  • Unhappy camper

    The A looks like a butt.

  • barbm

    Sometimes it’s worth paying a little to hire an actual designer. Way too much going on in that logo.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Not impressed with the colors or the overall design. I’ve seen plenty worse but these don’t do anything for me. Sorry, guys.

    Colors – not that I was a fan of the orange-on-blue of the previous staff tees, but I don’t like the new color combo at all. For the campers, I thought an approximately school-bus yellow and some shade of green were pretty much RA camp standards since they’re longtime Reston colors. This bright yellow is a pretty color in and of itself but not a Reston color so much – far too bright and glaring. Same with the black-and-white on yellow. Too high-contrast. I think these new tees are going to overwhelm the kids’ faces in photos, for one thing. They certainly draw far more attention than their designers’ faces in the photo in this article.

    The “RA CAMPS” logo shown isn’t bad in and of itself – it looks pretty nice on the RA website (http://www.reston.org/Parks,RecreationEvents/RACamps/CampsOverview/tabid/958/Default.aspx). Why not use that softer color scheme? Way more subtle, and thus way more “Reston” that way.

    Design – what is the thing bottom middle with the wings? Is it a scarecrow with wings? A strangely-shaped bird? Not getting it. I rather like the horizontal row of graduated circles, but not the giant “RA CAMPS” circle in the middle – reminds me of a crossing guard’s sign. Those scribbles to either side of the big circle only read as trees when you compare to the previous tee. Also, not sure why the “RA CAMPS” logo has to be on an angle like that. It would look perfectly nice – and easier to tell what the inner pictures are – in a normal orientation.

    • Karen Goff

      The thing with wings is suppoosd to be Walker Woodpecker.

      • Arielle in NoVA

        Thank you. I’m not familiar with that – Walker Nature Education Center mascot?

  • Arielle in NoVA

    On another note, does RA have an archive of t-shirt designs to date for RA camps (formerly RHOA camps)?

  • Sally Forth

    OH, boy, not at all attractive. Who made the decision to choose this horrible, ‘too-much going on’ design? Sorry but this is way below par… Maybe have SLHS art students try for something better?


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