‘Washingtonian’ Takes on Reston — What Did it Miss?

by Karen Goff April 17, 2015 at 9:00 am 1,227 12 Comments

Nature House Washingtonian magazine’s Neighborhood Guide takes readers to Reston and Herndon in the May issue, released this week.

It divides a visitors time into three segments: 1. Shop Till You Drop; 2. Day of Family Fun; and 3. Plunge Into the Arts.

Shop Till You Drop guides readers to Lake Anne Plaza (Reston Museum, Cafe Montmartre, Reston’s Used Book Shop, Chesapeake Chocolates), a side trip to sushi spot Ariake at Hunters Woods, and then takes a spin through Reston Town Center with advice to stop in at The Tasting Room, Clyde’s, PassionFish and others PassionFish Reston/Credit: Passionfood Hospitalitybefore visiting Herndon.

Family Fun recommends Reston Association’sĀ Walker Nature Education Center and Fairfax County Park Authority’s Frying Pan Farm Park in Herndon, as well as back to town center for meals at Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food and Ted’s Bulletin and dessert at Red Velvet. Small Change Consignment and Baby Blossom at Lake Anne get a nod, as do local farmers markets.

Plunge Into the Arts recommends the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, which returns to town May 15-17, as well as ArtSpace Herndon, Herndon’s Friday Night Live , Reston Community Center’s CenterStage and Herndon’s NextStop Theatre Company.

What do the residents say? If you live here, the guide likely featured nothing new, but may have left off your favorite places, off the beaten path or otherwise unknown to Washingtonian’s editors.

If any of your local favorites were not mentioned, tell us in the comments to offer some real insider information.

Top, Nature House at Walker Nature Education Center. Bottom, PassionFish/file photos

  • Sam

    I don’t understand all the hype around Jacksons. Decent food but nothing to write home about. I’ve heard rave reviews of Cafe Sano at South Lakes Shopping Center. And what about Jimmy’s in Herndon??

  • Heather E Rosso

    Missing all the outdoors activities — a whole section in itself: trails, canoeing/kayaking, marathons and triathlons, parks, and pools, just to name a few. I echo the other comment — Cafesano and Jimmy’s should have been mentioned, but maybe we should keep those as insider’s secrets šŸ™‚

  • Wings!!

    Sadly, no mention of a Hooters because we still don’t have one.

    • comfortinmycar

      Hahaha…hope you get your Hooter’s!

    • Barbara Goddard
  • Pink

    I think the trails are our secret. Nothing better than walking around Lake Newport. Northpoint Glory Days Grill is popular but too popular – it is too crowded! Big Bowl at the RTC has nice atmosphere and good food.

  • Cindy

    Nothing very pet oriented. I just opened my shop PetMAC at Lake Anne and that’s a great place to bring your dog. All the restaurants and shops at Lake Anne are dog friendly and there is a great trail to walk around the lake. We sell cat stuff too but don’t recommend bringing them to the shop. LOL. Adoptions on the weekends. šŸ™‚

  • Alexandra Clarke

    Edibles incredibles is way better than red velvet, better cake and better frosting on my part. I will not settle for their cakes, they are good but not as great as Edibles

    • Barbara Goddard

      I have to agree with you on that Alexandra.

  • Off4Fun

    Jackson’s is not the most family friendly place you could go. The Virigina Kitchen, Pho 75, Uprown Pizza are all in the same plaza in Herndon and are all very good. I agree that the best of Reston are the outdoors! Also missing are Cafe Sano, Jimmy’s (as others have said), Friday Night Live in Herndon and RTC Saturday concerts in the summer, Walker Nature Center is nice for families as is Lake Fairfax Park. Perhaps someone should have steered them in a direction other than Lake Anne and RTC. šŸ™‚ Those places are great, but a focus on the little guys would be nice.

  • Bradley

    I am not sure they visited the spots… They listed Ted’s as having homemade donuts all day, that is only their downtown location.

  • Alexandra Clarke

    yeah, its edibles incredibles. clyde’s is good but not great it was better before they switched chefs.


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