First Look: Plans for St. Johns Wood Redevelopment

by Karen Goff April 21, 2015 at 3:00 pm 1,174 15 Comments

Bozzuto Development’s plans for redevelopment of St. Johns Wood Apartments are taking shape.

Last fall, the developer filed a proposal with the Fairfax County Planning Commission to redevelop the nine-building, 250-unit garden apartment neighborhood in North Reston into a new complex of 635 new apartments and 34 townhomes.

St. Johns Wood is located at Reston Parkway and Center Harbor Drive close to North Point Village Center. It is one of the few rental complexes in the nearby Buzz Aldrin Elementary School district.

St. Johns Wood is more than a mile from the future Reston Town Center Metro station, so the density of the neighborhood is going to have to be specified as the plan moves forward.

The current Reston Master Plan specifies the neighborhood is high density, but the Phase 2 of the Reston Master Plan, which will be considered by the Fairfax County Planning Commission on Wednesday, recommends lower density. The plan update also calls for Reston neighborhoods, should they be redeveloped, to retain the same character and density.

Bozzuto did not submit a redevelopment proposal during the Reston Master Plan review process. The company did recently submit a letter requesting the right to develop at higher density as permitted under the current Reston Master Plan or a site-specific exception for the property.

The letter may be discussed at the planning commission meeting on Wednesday, where further details on the project will likely be discussed.

Bozzuto reps made a presentation to the Reston Planning and Zoning Committee on Monday and are scheduled to present to the Reston Association Design Review Board on Tuesday.

Bozzuto last met with those groups in December, and the preliminary plans were criticized as too urban for the location, Reston 2020 reports on its website. Reston 2020 also has the full development plan.

  • JCSuperstar

    Has Mr. Maynard approved this yet? Mr. Looney better beware of the wrath of 2020

    • Rodney Dangerfield

      Wow, right out of the gate! I think it looks great, so that will get him going too!

    • Terry Maynard

      I support the County’s draft Reston Master Plan that calls for all residential neighborhoods to remain “as is.” Ergo, I do not support this proposal.

      • JCSuperstar

        So, you are against it.

        Do you believe the owner has a legal right to redevelop to what is allowed in the existing development plan?

        • vdiv

          Not at the expense of the surrounding owners.

          • JCSuperstar

            Hmmm. Interesting.

          • Ming the Merciless

            They should pony up the dough to buy the property and turn it into “open greenspace”. No price is too high to create open greenspace!

          • edgyone

            RA could take out a loan for no less than double what this property is worth to “preserve” its brownness.

          • vdiv

            Well, you know, that whole community thing is overrated anyhow. Maybe I should just dump all of my garbage there while we’re at it.

          • Ming the Merciless

            I know you will rejoice when lots more people join the community after the property is redeveloped.

          • vdiv

            It’ll be a hoot! All that noise, traffic, dog poo, domestic and imported crime. It’ll make Arlington feel like the boonies so they’ll want to come and join the party.

  • vdiv

    Any way to have a higher res. on the “pretty” layout pictures?

    The proposed full dev. plan hints at a mixed development with storefronts on the ground floor. Also what’s up with the xeroxed copy of a copy of a copy of a scan? Was the intention for this to be unreadable?

    On the not so negative side it could have been worse, these are “only” six story buildings, they could have been twelve.

    • Karen Goff

      This is all we have. It is just a starting point. Lots more to come in future, with, hopefully, better pictures.

  • UStifosi .

    How does tripling the density fit in with the overall concept of Reston? This is not near RTC or the Metro. This is just a regular Reston neighborhood. If this is approved then any apartment cluster anywhere in Reston can be bulldozed and converted to high rise (3x or 4x density). The assumption by nearby homeowners has been that Reston was done building in this immediate area. Little do they know that “exceptions” will be made.

  • chuckinva

    The redevelopment would ruin the great balance and serenity of the immediate neighborhood and should be denied by Fairfax County. Trust me, more density in this current park setting would be disastrous.


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