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Wednesday Farmers Market Will Move to Reston Station

by Karen Goff April 23, 2015 at 9:30 am 1,833 25 Comments

Smart Market

Smart Market, the Wednesday farmers market that had been operating at Sunrise Valley and Reston Parkway the last several years, will change locations this season.

Smart Market operator Jean Janssen says the afternoon market will open at Reston Station’s Plaza on May 6.

Reston Station, located adjacent to the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station, is soon to be a foodie destination. The Stock Market @ Reston Station, with about a dozen food stalls and other retailers, is slated to open soon, and developer Comstock is hoping the area turns into a shopping, food truck and dining destination.

“We are very excited to have a farmers market,” says Comstock spokeswoman Maggie Parker. “We think it is a great opportunity for Metro commuters, and I know I will be stocking my office fridge with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.”

Janssen said on the market’s Facebook page that the Reston Corner office complex’s recent sale made it difficult to secure market space for this season.

Janssen also said she is working with Comstock on ways to make parking available on the outdoor parking deck, adjacent to where the market will be located.

Meanwhile, the Saturday Reston Farmers Market and craft market will open for the season at Lake Anne Plaza on May 2.

  • obxers

    That’s too bad. While perhaps profitable for the market if the commuter rail traffic increases their customer base, that location won’t be as easy to access for many of the rest of us.

    • Reston Realist

      …and the parking will cost you and benefit Comstock, of course.

    • June Smith

      I’m afraid this is going to be a bust – the only ones who stop to buy are the metro commuters and most of them are more interested in getting home than stopping at the farmer’s market.

  • MaggieSays

    I’m sure to almost never go now 🙁

  • Vina Hutchinson

    From their website:
    2:30–6:30 p.m.
    Reston Station
    1886 Metro Center Drive
    Reston, VA 20190
    Opens May 6th

    • Michelle Green

      I use the metro, but that time isn’t even convient for me. If I leave work by 5-5:15 I will just make it to their closing time. It seems those who don’t use metro won’t go because of the pain of getting there and those who do, will come to late or when nothing is left. What a shame.

      • Vina Hutchinson

        Michelle, I ride the Metro, too, and I’m hardly ever back before 6:30. I’m not sure who the market’s target audience is, but that would not be commuters.

  • Cindy

    I love the market at Lake Anne so will just go there instead. Easy parking and a great selection.

    • June Smith

      Herndon has a nice market too – most of the same farmers … and open during the week. Lots of free parking nearby in the municipal parking lot

    • TimB

      “Easy parking” is a matter of opinion. 🙂

  • June Smith

    Does the metro get that much business? That part of Wiehle is griclock all day long – it’s not worth sitting in traffic and hunting for parking when I can go to Lake Anne on the weekend and Herndon during the week and park nearby.

    • Mike M

      Just take the Metro! 🙂 We all use Metro for everything. Take the kids to school, go to Safeway, get gas for the car, take the kids to soccer, go to the farmer’s market. Think about all the cars Metro will take from Reston! Wasn’t that the dream? In my dreams I surf to work and back.

      • June Smith

        I live in Reston – 3 miles from the Metro Station – I’m not going to take a bus to the Metro Center to buy produce, when I can drive 5 miles in the opposite direction to the Herndon Farmers Market ….. when I go to Tysons or into the city, I take the Metro.

        In real life, I walk or bike to the nearby shopping centers to shop. There is no way I will ride a bike or walk along Wiehle …. I want to live.

        • Mike M

          Dear June. I am afraid I must report you to the committee.

          • June Smith


  • cosmo

    I have to agree with the others on here concerning access. Other than commuters, who else goes there? The article says they want to make parking available on the outdoor parking deck, but I can’t see that happening simply because there’s not that much space. Without that, I can’t see people paying $4.85 to park just for the market. We’ll see…

  • Ken Fredgren

    They just lost my patronage.

  • Ken Fredgren

    Back again. Access will be awful for anyone with a mobility disability – and I’m not going to pay to park.

  • Rebecca Estrada

    Convenient for people taking the metro! Not for anybody else. I’ll look for a different market.

  • Reston Watcher

    Even if I was willing to drive over there and pay to park, I wouldn’t go during the afternoon commute. Maybe if they opened at noon…

  • Chuck Morningwood

    And just where do you propose to park Freddie’s Huge Hot Belching BBQ Smoker?

  • June Smith

    I’m with most of the others …. afraid this isn’t going to work. It’s just not easily accessible for the locals – the people who will shop there …. and there aren’t enough people using the metro to make it worthwhile for the farmers.

    What happens when half the famers feel it’s not worth the trip?

    Sometimes it’s best to leave a good thing alone.

  • David Whipple

    Reston Station is proving to be a nightmare. Allow 20 extra minutes if you pass by there
    at rush hour. Kiss-and-ride is scary-red lights/ green lights, blind corners, minuscule spaces-clearly designed to discourage use to off-hours only. there is no viable space for outdoor parking. The entire area needs to be redesigned for the 21st century.
    Walking on Wiehle Ave. is dangerous from cars and precarious under foot–need to add raised sidewalks and pedestrian guard rails. Market barely survived as is and this won’t help, plus no shade at all.With reflective surfaces all over-likely to be hotter than hell. Good luck with this.

  • obxers

    Seems like a consensus here… terrible move, Smart Market. Looks like you are losing your regulars. The market was already too small and stopping by required fairly active deliberation, and you’re now just not going to get nearly as many people detouring to/through Reston Station for what your market has to offer.

  • disqus_l9znZnMl0F

    You can park in the metro garage there for free for a certain amount of time during the Market hours.


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