Afternoon Poll: How Will You Vote in Tetra Referendum?

by Karen Goff May 5, 2015 at 4:30 pm 23 Comments

Tetra building It’s getting down to the wire for the Reston Association member referendum on the purchase of the former visitors center.

Haven’t voted yet? You have until Friday at 5 p.m.

RA needs a quorum of member approval to borrow and spend up to $2.65 million on the 3,123-square-foot building on the shores of Lake Newport. RA will spend additional money to repurpose the building, currently office space for Tetra Partnerships, into event and community space. It forecasts bringing in more than $100,000 annually from event rentals. It also says purchasing the building, which sits on 3.48 acres adjoining other RA community space, will preserve open space and fend off possible commercial development.

There is a vocal opposition that says the purchase price is far too high as the most recent Fairfax County tax assessment was $1.2 million. The opposition also says the site sits on a resource protection area and cannot be redeveloped commercially.

  • 30yearsinreston

    all those who Vote YES are welcome to pay my share of RA dues

    • vdiv

      you call them dues, i call them extortion…

  • RAmember2

    I see all the RA staff voted early, as directed.

    • vdiv

      The funny/sad part are the 83+ people who voted on this poll as “Not going to vote”…

      • JCSuperstar

        There was a strong debate by Mssrs. Farrell and Maynard early on — not to vote. Wonder if that stuck with some folks.

        • Terry Maynard

          Wrong again, JC.

          I specifically encouraged people that a “Vote ‘No'” strategy was more likely to succeed than a “no vote” strategy because it would be easier to persuade a majority of votes to say “No” than it would be to persuade almost all of the potential voters not to vote.

          • JCSuperstar

            Well, there were two people here talking about it. Sumthin’ happened.

          • Reston Watcher

            Actually it was Mr. Farrell who advocated this approach. You’re seeming a tad touchy Mr. Maynard.

          • JCSuperstar

            Touchy doesn’t even come close. Sorry the YES votes are outnumbering the NOs, but, someone told a large group to not even vote, and make a point of sharing it.

  • Celeste

    I do question why the RA wants to spend $2.65 million plus additional money to repurpose the building when the FFX County tax assessment sits at $1.2 million. I may not have a PhD in mathematics, but the numbers don’t make sense to me. Also, the $100k annually from event rentals will take how long to break even if this building gets purchased? Big whoop. Sounds a little like that $2 million Arlington bus stop idea aka a poor use of money.

  • Wings!!

    I will be voting No. I’ve come to this conclusion after reading the RA’s brochure about why to vote YES. There is no mention anywhere in the brochure about RA using the property as a Hooters. Hopefully by voting NO, another buyer will buy the property and turn it into the Lake Newport Hooters.

  • fed up

    Any idea how many votes have been cast?
    I voted “NO”. I am not anti-greenspace. I am anti wasteful spending on “money-pit” buildings that are not needed . I am anti paying twice (or more) fair market value. I am anti squandering our limited resources in this manner.
    A “NO” vote does not mean you are not a loyal steward of the land. It means that you choose to spend your dues responsibly and for the benefit of all Restonians.
    Does an extra $10 a year affect me? No. But, multiply that $10 by the total number of members and think about whether this is where we need to put that money year after year. I think not.

    • Ed Cacciapaglia

      I’m in 100% agreement with you, fed up. One can be in favor of greenspace and responsible financial stewardship at the same time.

  • JoeInReston

    This is a bad sign for those against the proposal. This website has hosted some of the best discussions on the issue. If the majority of readers on this site voted yes, despite the convincing opeds (IMO) against the proposal by Flashman, Maynard, and Farrell, imagine how the super set of Restonites will vote, many of whom haven’t been exposed to any counter point.

    • fed up

      I agree with you, sadly. It’s been “positioned” as a “vote to preserve Reston” by the Board. It’s presented as traitorous and Anti-Reston to oppose this purchase. This is the tactic that is being used to quash reasonable discussion and debate.
      Further, the “it’s only ten bucks…” line has traction with many. It’s not 2.6Mil plus renovation, cap ex and maintenance AND opportunity cost of using these funds in more productive ways. It’s, well, 10 bucks – big deal…

      • Secret Observers

        “It’s presented as traitorous and Anti-Reston to oppose this purchase. This is the tactic that is being used to quash reasonable discussion and debate”.
        …..then Should it be treated as a deal from real traitors or enemies, not real friends of Reston ?

  • edgyone

    It should be illegal to hold a referendum without sending the counterpoint along with the supporting view. What RA did was disgraceful.

  • Delsin Rowe

    Did you know you have to be a property owner to vote on this referendum? I thought we were past property ownership for voting rights. I have lived in Reston for over four years.

    • JCSuperstar

      I think that is what the Reston Deed and documents state.

      The bigger issue is it appears there are many deciding not to vote. Not sure if that is a viable strategy.

      • Delsin Rowe

        This is an incredibly one-sided referendum being ran by the RA, excludes renters, and they are counting the votes. At least I get a vote on how Tetra will be used after it is purchased….

        • JCSuperstar

          Maybe, maybe not. Depends on who the new owner is. You wont have any say over Wings!’ new Lake Newport Hooters.

          • Delsin Rowe

            I feel the RA owning Tetra is a done deal. Wings! is going to have to keep driving down towards Ikea to visit Hooters.

          • JCSuperstar

            Well, one thing is for sure, someone needs to tell the Farrell army to vote, not protest.



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