Assault, Robbery at Hunters Woods Village Center

by Karen Goff May 5, 2015 at 4:50 pm 3,384 47 Comments

Fairfax County Police Fairfax County Police are investigating a robbery that took place at Hunters Woods Village Center on Sunday evening.

Police said the victim was walking about 8:30 p.m. and was approached by two men.

The suspects assaulted the victim, took property and fled. The victim incurred non life-threatening injuries.

The suspects were described as two black males, police said.

Three weeks ago, four teens tried to rob a woman of her purse at knifepoint in broad daylight at Hunters Woods. It is not known if the incidents are related.

  • Will Lipford

    I am going to sit here patiently for clambj since he/she thinks I am racist for saying Hunters Woods is a violent crime area.

    How many crimes need to occur in this area before FFX police do something about it? I lived next to it for 6 years before I bailed on that section of Reston. It is the worst section of Reston, by far & had been for a very long time.

    This is in response to the poster ”


    4 months ago

    Where are all the people who love leaving comments that all the
    violent crimes that occur in Reston only happen at Hunters Woods???”

    • June Smith

      Supervisor Hudgens wants to add MORE subsidized and publc housing – like three Section 8 condo communities and two low income projects aren’t enough

      • JoAnne Norton

        I had Section 8 Housing once I paid my rent on time and bought the unit eventually. Would you rather I be homeless, eating up your tax dollars.

        • June Smith

          So you bought the unit from the owner – eventually …. while you were on Section 8 Housing, you WERE eating up our tax dollars

          • JoAnne Norton

            How much have you given back to the community? I try to give people rides, bring food when they are sick, volunteer on boards, register voters, work at the polls, clean up ivy, volunteer at festivals, work at a shelter, etc


            Not relevant, but thanks anyway. Cleaning out that darned English Ivy is certainly an honorable pursuit, but it won’t address the crime in the neighborhood.

          • Bah

            When she pays her taxes, she IS giving to the community. Where do you think your Section 8 subsidy came from? People just like her, that’s who. Too bad so much of what she “gives to the community” (i.e., what the tax man takes at gunpoint) is squandered.

        • Greg

          Homeless people don’t consume tax dollars, but Section 8 takers most definitely do.

          Many trillions of hard-earned dollars taken from workers by the government and given to those alleged to be poor (some of whom make north of $216,000 and live in social housing here Fairfax County) and we have more poverty and those dependent on government than ever. Epic fail of all fails.

          • JoAnne Norton

            No, on Section 8 Housing you are scrutinized very closely. As my income went up, my subsidy went down. Today, it is very difficult to hide money. The 216, 000 dollar quote is erroneous. The items bought with a 216,000 dollar income would show up right away and would be picked up by the housing authority.



            You seem nice and everything, but you have no clue what you are talking about. Perhaps when you were on Sec 8 things were different . Good for you for getting off government assistance. Welfare/Food Stamp/Housing voucher fraud is rampant and largely unchecked by local governments.

          • June Smith

            I offered one of my rental units (2 br Condo) for Section 8 housing several years ago and pulled it after a few candidates came by. One of the ladies sent to me was a single mother with a 10 year old boy – who really looked like she was trying to get her life together — UNTIL —- she informed me that once her boyfriend got out of prison, he was going to move in – and was I OK with that.

            The next day I pulled my unit from the list and explained why – and the county clerk told me, “Oh yes, that happens all the time, we can’t keep up with all of them.”

          • Bah

            Oh no, I am sure Section 8 was just the same when she was on it as it is now. What she will never admit is that she is not exactly a typical Section 8 recipient, then or now. If only they were a bunch of do-gooder cat ladies like her, that would be awesome! What can you really do with someone who sees no difference between RTC and Hunter’s Woods? None so blind as those who will not see, and all that.

          • JoAnne Norton

            Excuse me, I was not on welfare. My ex husband had not paid me my share of the house we owned, so I was on the property and did not qualify. I finally did receive disability but that amount was over the limit for food stamp qualification. Also above the limit for Medicaid. Federal Disability recipients did qualify me for Medicare after 6 months. You automatically assume that I was on a complete dole just from the fact I had Section 8.


            I don’t need the details of your personal problems. Either you take from the government or you don’t. Either you take handouts from taxpayers or you don’t, I give to charities regularly.. But those of my choosing. And those donations to those less fortunate than me are not pried out of my hands by the government who consider me to be rich. I am not rich. Sounds to me that between your years on Sec 8 vouchers, Federal Disability etc, that your hand has been out for a long time.

          • JoAnne Norton

            It is my life and I am proud of it. I am enlightening you. I hope when you look at a low income housing project or a person who is having a hard time, you will feel some empathy. People do not ask for schizophrenia, aids, and other things. Spouses do not ask for abuse, children do not ask to be hungry. We are all just people.

          • Greg

            Once again wrong. To enlighten you, AIDS is a disease acquired by choice. In fact, the “A” in “AIDS” stands for “acquired.” It’s not genetic, inherited or comparable to “other things.” It’s only acquired by actively engaging in high-risk behaviors.

          • Naveen Itil

            were cops sleeping. as usual these guys will look into 6 months after the event

          • Greg

            It is not erroneous; you are wrong. Google it and you find it and much more that ought to disgust you now that you are a taxpayer.

            I am very familiar with the section 8 program which, as you surely know, is now called housing choice, including the wide array of means to scam it.

          • June Smith

            JoAnne has been very careful not to mention how many people were in her household and what her income was at the time … the county subsidiy ranges from 50% to 80% of the rent. Nor has she metioned what other government subsidies she recevies

        • Bah

          You offer a false choice. If you did not have Section 8, you would not have been homeless. You would have found somewhere else to live – no doubt further out, smaller, less convenient, less nice, but a home nonetheless.

  • Chris

    If they were spanish everybody wouldve been on here about deporting them

    • Ming the Merciless

      Ming’s prison planets have plenty of room. That uranium isn’t going to mine itself, you know.


        Hillary can help you negotiate those uranium contracts Ming.

  • Paulette Lincoln-Baker

    Enough is enough! When the hell are the cops going to take this situation seriously and get their butts down here and protect the citizens in this area…

  • Greg

    Once again, crime in Hunters Woods. Where are the deniers?

  • Greg

    The old hunters woods center had better occupancy than the new one, but the Soviet Safeway at the first center was a disgusting filthy dump.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Again, it’s just too bad the victim wasn’t packing. A little CCW goes a long way.

  • Steve Jefferson

    You blame this for low income and section 8 housing? Yeah the poor people to blame but when pedophiles, drug dealers, and rapists are white section 8 is never mentioned. Ignorant people like you JUNE SMITH need to go move to whatever safe haven youre looking for. These are kids that are mislead because youd rather have a brand new restaurant that you can get drunk at and drive home wasted then get these mislead children off the streets so things like this wont happen. Im not saying what they did was ok but we should help these kids instead of ruining their lives before they even know what they get themselves into. Taking away section 8 and low income housing wont fix the problem because were still going to have middle class kids that dont get enough attention from mommy and daddy out here still misbehaving. Think how to prevent the problem before it starts.



      It is not our responsibility to get these “children” off the streets. It is the responsibility of their parents. We are not ruining their lives. They are doing it all by themselves. And I don’t know WTF you mean by ” these are kids that are mislead because of a new restaurant so we can get drunk and drive home instead of getting these children off the streets”. Sounds to me like you are drunk on the kool-aid of our Divider in Chief.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Interesting incoherent rant. This is not about pedophilia or even White Boys Gone Wild. This is about the rash of crime in the Hunter’s Woods area committed by black males.

      Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I’m betting that most of those criminals probably don’t live in Middle Class homes, and probably don’t have Higher Educations. I would wager that most of them come from subsidized housing and probably have been unemployed for quite some time.

      But that’s neither here nor there. If someone were to bust a cap into a couple of their shiny black rear ends, I’m betting that the crime rate would probably decrease in the area.


    Karen,why do comments mentioning our President (of the US, not RA) not make it through your filters? It has happened several times and when I change it from using his name to something else (like Divider in Chief) it goes right through?

  • Greendayer

    Not a great area. Is anything being done about it? Will more police solve the problem?

  • Dirk D.

    Low income housing is most certainly to blame. I’m considering getting out of North Reston as it and crime have increased in the last couple years. More is in the way with the redevelopment of St. John’s Wood thanks to tax breaks for Comstock. Way to screw up a nice place to live.

  • JoAnne Norton

    Hunters Woods is not s____. Don’t us those words on ths list.

    • Ricky Spanish

      I agree, this is not just a Hunters Woods problem.. Via your crime map, it looks like All of Reston is crappy.

  • JoAnne Norton

    Crime maps of Hunters Woods Plaza and Reston Town Center for same time period. Sex offenses are the thing at Town Center.

  • JoAnne Norton

    Crime map of Hunters Woods.

  • JoAnne Norton

    Crime map of Reston Town Center for the same period.

  • Brian Fischer

    I grew up in this neighborhood it’s sap to see how bad it’s getting

  • Will Lipford

    Totally agree, I don’t know how many times I have been confronted and harassed in and around the Safeway. And the security guards are a joke, half the time they are at BWF. I have traveled the trails in reston quite a bit, and the ONLY spot where I feared my safety was the trails in and around Safeway. That tunnel under wells fargo constantly has groups of dealers slinging, Mexicans drinking in the woods behind the Section 8. What is nuts is this is not a new problem, its been like this and getting worse for over a decade.

  • TRS

    I find it interesting I rarely see cops ANYWHERE in Reston. In fact yesterday I had to call 911 due to an argument getting out of control. Pity the guy across the street (retired CEO) who allowed his unemployed daughter to move in with him along with her black baby daddy of the youngest of her two kids. Near daily there is some kind of argument happening to the extent yesterday it got so loud and when I saw the baby daddy roughing up another woman, I called 911. Two HOURS later I got a call from Fairfax County police asking if they were still outside. I laughed and said, “There’s a great police force!” Ay yi yi.

  • Coach

    What has anyone done to help the kids in North Reston? There are so many programs for these kids to stay active. Yes, there are families that are labeled, “Section 8”, but the irony to some of the crime that is occurring in the area are not committed from the children of section 8 households. Some of these crimes are being committed by children whose parents are deemed wealthy. The children in the Reston area are tightly woven with one another. It’s unfortunate, that people are quick to label the economically challenged households in Reston as the problem. I know for a fact that the Youth leagues in Reston (Youth Flag, Summer League Basketball, and Youth Tackle football) are looking for volunteers to coach these kids! You would be amazed at what you learn from them, and the impact you have on the community working to help these kids. Provide them with an opportunity, and they may not be so mischeievous.

    • Greg

      Most of us, Tom, pay taxes. Lots of taxes. Billions, no, trillions, of dollars have been taken from us by the government to do many things, many of which are redistributed to others for a wide array of things including housing (with granite counters and stainless appliances), transportation, communications, internet, education, food, health care and many more. Unfortunately, we have to work many hours to support our own families and those families that depend on us to support them. There are 24 hours in each day, and most of those of us who pay taxes are fully booked.

      And for all our hard work and the money taken from us, you demand still more?

      There is no better place on Earth for a kid to live — in all social classes. The poorest of the poor in Reston live like kings and queens compared to most living in the rest of the world. Those not happy here are welcome to leave and pick a place more to their liking; there are many thousands of others who would eagerly take their places and be grateful as can be to do so.


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