Plaza America Dining Spot Appears to Have Closed

by Karen Goff May 11, 2015 at 1:30 pm 1,449 15 Comments

Primo Italiano

Primo Italiano at Plaza America appears to have closed its doors.

The pizza-and-sub restaurant has been located at 11888 Plaza America since the shopping center opened in the 1990s, but had changed ownership recently.

The restaurant has had a hand-lettered “closed” sign up on the door since last week, but all the fixtures and supplies seem to still be in place. Reston Now placed several calls to the store, but there was no answer, so it is not yet known whether the closure is for good or temporarily.

  • Mike M

    Another one bites the dust! If you ain’t Town Center, you ain’t . . . survivin’.

    They should have fixed the ‘I’ in their sign.

    (Karen, you should add the d to an in the first sentence.)

    • jmsullivan

      Oh come on! Food service is doing great in Plaza America, as a trip over there during any weekday lunch hour will amply demonstrate. People didn’t go to Primo Italiano because it was stuck somewhere between specialty market and deli, and didn’t do either very well. And the food just wasn’t very good. Not unlike what happened to the old Philadelphia Mikes. It did okay for a long time then got bought out by people who didn’t really have much of a plan for it besides kind of being a restaurant, technically, and it quickly closed.

      But Noodles & Co., Zoe’s, Five Guys, SaladWorks, Penn Station, etc. etc. are all doing fine.

      • Mike M

        Tick, tick, tick, . . . . Champs, tick, tick, tick, . . . Chile’s, . . . tick, tick, tick, . . . Primo, tick tick, tick, . . . Macaroni Grill, tick, tick, tick, . . .
        Who is next?
        Same for office space.

        • jmsullivan

          Okay, apart from Primo which we’re already talking about, one of those is in Plaza America. Chile’s and Macaroni Grill were both in weird and unlikely locations. Kind of odd in the case of Macaroni Grill because it _was_ in the Town Center for all practical purposes, but it was tucked in that far corner of a parking lot that only had one (awkward) way out.

          Also note that all the examples you cite are sit-down dinner places. They do seem to be more successful in the Town Center, but places that focus mainly on lunch and aren’t expecting huge evening business are still doing great in Plaza America, and elsewhere around the edges of the Town Center.

          Just because not every restaurant can succeed in a location – or I guess outside of it in your view – doesn’t mean no restaurants can.

          • Mike M

            Indeed! Who is next JMS? We ought to have a pool.

          • Alexandra Clarke

            I actually work in Plaza America at Penn Station East Coast Subs, we do serve subs for dinner though, but more for a lunch meal. I pass by the pizza place when I go into work most days.

        • PotatoSalad

          None of those places were beacons of culinary greatness

    • Karen Goff

      Noticed. noted and fixed. Thanks.

    • Meh

      There are restaurants in RTC? I’ve never been to one…

  • John Keady

    I went there maybe 5 times in 15 years for their meatball sub. I think Karen had it right. It wasn’t sure what it wanted to be and I’ve been to 5 Guys and Noodles & Co. many more times so it’s not due to the RTC effect

    • Meh

      Went there constantly under the previous owner. Surly though he seemed, he sure knew how to make good food. But it quickly went downhill after he sold it.

  • tryks67

    Sad. The food was not the best, but my late father and I had a ritual of ordering Primo takeout and watching recorded European Tour golf from the Golf Channel. Nothing like wolfing down Primo’s meat tortellini with marinara sauce as the dulcet tones of Renton Laidlaw fill the room and images of Tour garden spots flash by — Wentworth, Crans-sur-Sierre, Valderrama.

    Sort of a way to transport ourselves to Europe for a little bit; much like Bob Simon intended.

  • idj4fun

    My comment has nothing to do with Primo Italiano, but it looks like we’re talking about PA as a whole…I’d love to know what may be in store for the old Chammp’s space. I was hoping something like Dogfish Head Ale House would open a location there. Chammp’s was great in the early days, but boy did they go downhill and let the place deteriorate. Can’t stand that parking lot, but I’d use it more frequently if there were better options. Just my $.02

    • Karen Goff

      I check often. No lease has been signed. Stay tuned….

  • Alexandra Clarke

    I pass by Primo on my way to work I work at the Penn Station East Coast Subs on the same shopping area. We are more of a lunch place but we do general get good night time business apart from our lunch shift.


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