Afternoon Poll: Should Reston’s Village Centers Change?

by Karen Goff June 3, 2015 at 2:02 pm 7 Comments

North Point Village Center The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved changes to the Reston Master Plan on Tuesday. The changes will help guide growth at Reston’s village centers and neighborhoods going forward.

One of the new rules: Reston’s village centers will not have to get a comprehensive plan amendment should they want to drastically change.

When founder Bob Simon envisioned Reston in the 1960s, all the village centers were going to be like Lake Anne Village Center — high density (townhouses, apartments) housing, a plaza, central gathering place, walking access and parking on the perimeter.

But as Reston developed (Simon was no longer part of the project by the time the rest of the village centers were built), what was put in place was essentially strip mall shopping. Those plans deviated from the vision, but also provided convenience for residents who just wanted to park the car and easily grocery shop or pick up dry cleaning.

Other than a proposal for the ailing Tall Oaks Village Center and the plan for the area near, but not in, Lake Anne Plaza, there are no current plans to redevelop Reston’s village centers. So it is status quo for now — but what do you think should happen in the future? Stay the same or get back to the original plan? Take our poll and tell us in the comments.

Photo Courtesy North Point Village Center

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    • Give it up

      Give it up. The food at Hooters is awful, and newsflash, you are never going to date the waitresses. Stop wasting your money.

      • MarkR307

        LOL nobody expects to date the waitress. The food is very decent for the price, and the price of beer is amazing – their big serving costs half the standard prices. And being served by pretty and young waitresses is quite nice. I don’t see why would anyone complain.

        I would actually prefer one of the other scantily-clad-pretty-young-waitress restaurants that are coming up – Tilted Kilt or Twin Peaks perhaps. We don’t have neither of those in DC area, and we need more variety!

        • Mike M

          Mmmn! Titled Kilt!

    • Mike M

      Never, ever, ever ever, give up.

  • highlander492

    change em, except North Point

  • Mike M

    How about Comstock Place? Piazza Bozzuto?

    “Euro-style village” . . . puh-lease. Those days are gone for Reston. (Psst! We’re not Europe. Ask yourself why you think we need to be. It’s a silly notion.)


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