Reston, VA

Golfers at tourney at Reston National/Credit: Laurie IronsideSeveral homeowners near Reston National Golf Course were concerned this week when they saw red-and-white markings where their properties met the golf course.

In the wake of the recent battle between course owner RN Golf Management — which says its should have the right to develop residential — and area homeowners, the Fairfax County planning department and Reston Association, which say the course was planned as open space and should remain so, some residents feared that development plans were imminent.

The Board of Zoning appeals ruled in April that the space could be redeveloped without a comprehensive plan amendment.

But fear not, homeowners. The markings are for the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, which takes place Thursday and Friday at the public golf course.

“The tournament demonstrates that there are other interests at stake in the effort to keep RNGC perpetual open space and, specifically, a golf course,” says Laurie Ironside of the advocacy group Rescue Reston. The tournament is another reminder that there are a lot of reasons to Keep the Greens (Rescue Reston’s lawn sign). So breathe easy, everyone. The golf course isn’t going away, not now and hopefully not ever.”

Play through, golfers.

Photo of junior golfers at Reston National/Credit: Jay Szlamowicz


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