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Monday Morning Rundown

by Karen Goff June 29, 2015 at 8:00 am 13 Comments

Under-8 USTA Tournament in Reston/Credit: Reston Association

Transgender Topic — More from Thursday’s Fairfax County Public Schools board meeting, where the board voted to add gender identity information and discussion to middle-school and high-school Family Life Education lessons. [Washington Post]

Navigating Health Care Maze — New program co-sponsored by Fairfax County and independent agencies helps parents of children with mental illness. [Fairfax Times]

Home Schooling On The Rise — The number of Fairfax County homeschoolers has risen by more than 100 percent in the last decade. [Fairfax Times]

Use Of Force Review — Fairfax County Police review has dozens of recommendations on use of force. [Reston Connection]

Photo: Under-8 USTA Tournament in Reston on Sunday/Credit: Reston Association

  • Chuck Morningwood

    How fitting that the “Transgender Topic” taken up by FCPS for middle and high school should be on the same page as “Home Schooling on the Rise”.

    As little ones advance in age, I find that FCPS of an education diverges significantly from my own view of what an education should look like. If I weren’t the main breadwinner in the house, I would seriously consider homeschooling, or “Coop Schooling” my kids.

    • Nyla J.

      Says a guy with the last name Morningwood…..

      • Mike M

        Got yer attention, Nyla. And how are you dressing today? Gal or guy?

  • deedger

    Anybody know whats the deal with the dredging at Lake Anne?

    • Cluster Tycoon

      Scientists from RA found the DNA of Shrek and now they are phenotyping. In the meantime more DNA sampling is underway to identify Shrek’s companions and his family.

      • deedger

        Oh ok thanks. I was just curious. Shrek like the Shrek from the movies?

  • Judy Judy

    If you are going to teach this it should be taught to parents at the same time. Parents need to see first hand where this is going. Their children shouldn’t be icilated in this. Let’s talk to the whole community. What gives the schools the idea they know how to do this?

    • Mike M

      I’ll tell you where it’s going. It’s going to a place where people can’t spell isolated.

      • Chuck Morningwood

        Yeah, if you do it often enough, not only will it make you go blind, but apparently you lose your sense of spelling as well.

      • east297

        She learned phonics in Fairfax Co schools!

        • Mike M

          If only. Phonics ist verboten.

  • Goff Troller

    When are you going to moderate comments Goff? Your RestonNow pages are nothing but a giant troll-fest.

    • Karen Goff

      Technically, no one is in violation of the site right here. When am I going to moderate? Constantly. You should see the comments that don’t get on the boards.


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