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Longtime Reston Residents Purchase Lake Anne Coffee House

by Karen Goff July 14, 2015 at 9:00 am 5,436 49 Comments

Lake Anne Coffee House

Lake Anne Coffee House has new ownership.

The coffee house on the plaza, which has been for sale for more than a year, has been purchased by Realtor Eve Thompson and her husband Rick. (Note: Eve Thompson’s Reston Real Estate is also a Reston Now sponsor)

Current owners Susan and Jimmy Sohn have operated the coffee shop for nearly nine years. They told Reston Now in 2014 that they want to sell and retire.

Eve Thompson said she wants to create a gathering space in the lakeside location.

“We’re going to focus on creating a great community space,” she said. “Our home is at Lake Anne, my office is at Lake Anne and now we will have a coffee shop at Lake Anne. That is proof we really believe in Lake Anne.”

The Thompsons said they expect to close on the deal later this month. They will do a top-to-bottom renovation of the space, Eve Thompson said.

The name of the establishment will remain Lake Anne Coffee House. The couple plans to overhaul the existing menu with locally roasted coffee and high quality baked goods, Eve Thompson said.

The Lake Anne Plaza area is about to undergo a multiyear revitalization project. The area containing the coffee house is not planned for renovation, but will eventually be part of a wider boulevard leading to the historic inner plaza.

  • TimB

    Smart move!

  • LakeAnne Resident

    Thank you Eve and Rick for this solid commitment to the future of Lake Anne!

  • E Pluribus

    Excited to see this space get renovated!

    • Michelle McCall

      I agree.

  • Neighborhood Vapor

    Sweet, can I vape there while drinking coffee? Nothing mixes better than nicotine and caffeine.

    • Lisa W.

      Good point. I’m all about the vape when I sip my coffee, too, with all of my friends, who also vape.

      • John and Fran

        Good news! A spruced up coffee shop is needed.
        We are hearing good things about the plans to energize it as a gathering place. And, right next to the Reston Farmers Market every Saturday morning. Best of luck.

        • john and Fran

          And Alfredo returns to help with the start-up. Sure to succeed.

          • prmisencik sr

            That’s a GREAT IDEA! Alfredo ran a very good and inclusive coffee shop, one that was fun to go to.

          • ExcitedForGoodCoffee

            Not sure where this rumor got started but I’ve spoke to Alfredo and other than helping the Thompson’s with some advice he has no role in this venture. The Thompson’s have a lot of hospitality experience in the family with 2 daughters with post graduate culinary degrees, and two others with beer and wine expertise.

  • Jamie Jones

    I bet the other real estate agents in Reston are glad to hear this news! Great news for the Plaza, congratulations to you both!

    • Eve Thompson

      Hi Jamie-
      I won’t be quitting real estate anytime soon- but come by when the new coffee house is open!

      • Alaxandra Marullo

        Hello! I am thrilled to hear you have taken on the coffee house. I am new to Reston (moved here just over 2 years and love it!)
        Please email me at [email protected]
        I am a Culinary Institute of America grad , focused on baking and pastry arts. I worked with Starbucks and Harris teeter for a while running their combined cafe in multiple stores.
        I adore lake Anne and would love to be apart of a new community driven place to boost activity at the lake.


    Congrats Eve and Rick. And good luck. You will need it.

  • Wings!!

    Congratulations! Any thoughts on making it a coffee shop / Hooters? I only ask because Reston needs a Hooters.

    • Ming the Merciless

      If the waitresses wore short-shorts but they didn’t serve wings, would that be close enough?

      • Wings!!

        It would be nice, but I would still need a plate of wings. Perhaps I could bring my own?

        • Emmanuel Goldstein

          Wings, I’m going there now. I’ll start a tab, first round is on me. Just give them my name

        • jmsullivan

          Well, I guess you’d have to since, in the scenario under consideration, the wait staff wouldn’t serve you.

          For the rest of us, is there going to be some kind of BYOW policy?

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Very glad to hear locals who love Lake Anne are the new owners. This bodes well for keeping things Reston rather than trying to turn Lake Anne Plaza into Crystal City or Town Center.

  • cRAzy

    …and she never disclosed her intent during RA Board discussions of the redevelopment of Lake Anne or the Tetra acquisition across Baron Cameron. Way to work the system!



      I am a very vocal critic of RA. However, Eve Thompson is not under any obligation to disclose her intent. She can buy whatever she wants and it is not any of RA’s business.

    • NeedGoodCoffee

      What are you talking about?! There’s no connection and no requirement to disclose anything, who pissed in your Wheaties?!

      • Ed Abbott

        Here’s the corporation law in VA that applies

        VA Code § 13.1-871 (2013)
        § 13.1-871. Director conflict of interests.

        A. A conflict of interests transaction is a transaction with the corporation in which a director of the corporation has an interest that precludes him from being a disinterested director.

        Clearlly, Eve has a conflict with any RA decision on developing Lake Anne. Such conflict must be included in her conflict of interest statment that every RA Board member must submit to the Board. She should also recuse herself from such decisions

    • Ming the Merciless

      Since she already lives and works there, her “special interest” in Lake Anne is already obvious to all. How that “special interest” invalidated anything she said about it is obvious only to you.

      • HatersGottaHate

        Ha! Good point Ming. Eve’s interest in Lake Anne should be pretty obvious to anyone and everyone.

    • geofly

      crazy is a good name for you

  • Anne – Music and Markets

    Thanks from Lake Anne lovers to Eve and Rick- hope our favorite coffee shop won’t have to be out of service too long for the reno!

  • Cindy

    Very excited to hear it’s official! Can’t wait to see what Eve and Rick do to the place!

  • john b

    Eve & Rick – Congratulations! This is great news!

  • Steve

    Thank you for believing in Lake Anne and the potential of this great public space. [Friendly tip: your business will rise or fall on the taste of the coffee. We have plenty of good coffee options in the area. Yours must be superior, a taste that makes people say, ‘Have you tried the coffee at the Lake Anne Coffee Shop? It is sooo good.’]

    • GB

      No way. Like you said, there are plenty of good coffee options around. The business will rise and fall based on the quality of the service. It must make people say, ‘Have you been to the coffee at the Lake Anne Coffee Shop? they are sooo friendly there’. That said, having good coffee is a baseline requirement.

      • Steve

        Good coffee is not the standard here, great coffee is. Superior coffee to the competition. No one talks about the coffee there now.

    • Restonian

      Actually, it truly will be the atmosphere that brings people back. Kalypso’s food isn’t great, but it’s always packed because of the outdoor atmosphere. It invites people to sit and enjoy with friends. Flavor and service, of course, are part of the experience, but a welcome and enjoyable environment is the most important.

  • Debra Steppel

    Please fix the spelling error on the banner sign! It has been wrong for many decades and always bothers me.

  • former employee

    THANK GOODNESS. I worked there last summer; they didn’t have a health inspector and I got paid in cash. Not to mention the bugs.


      Are you complaining about being paid in cash? I went there once or twice and it was filthy dirty. And the owner was rude.

  • Having the Thompsons aboard Lake Anne is a step in the right direction to maintain “local” flavor

  • Leila Gordon

    Great news! Sending best wishes for massive success to Eve and Rick!

  • Max

    Good. Now maybe they won’t have a dog in there that pisses and poops on the rug. I love dogs, but that place is filthy.

  • Allison Burnell

    Lake Anne Coffee House used to be my favorite place to take my son in his stroller, enjoy the coffee and some food. Glad to see it will continue, and probably be made better. I don’t live in the area any more, but I will have to make it a point to come back to see the new improved Coffee House!

  • Phil Lilienthal

    It’s great news for the Plaza and for Reston. To have another quality place on Lake Anne can only be a big plus for the community. Congratulations and thanks to Eve and Rick!

  • Kristen

    So excited that this place will be revitalized, it is long overdue. Best of luck, can’t wait for the new space to open!

  • LeftPolitico

    Eve, I assume that you will now be updating your RA Board “Conflict of Interest” statement which, in 2014, listed only “My Condo . . .” for “All assets located in Reston” and listed nothing for “Any material fact which may be a direct or indirect conflict of interest.” Your real estate company should have been listed then and the new endeavor should be listed now.



      Wrong. Please explain how a Long & Foster satellite office is a conflict of interest.

  • Gnarlington

    Congrats, Eve. Looking forward to moving in to Lake Anne and to checking out your shop.

  • Nancy Bauer

    Oh, thank goodness! As much as I’ve loved having the whole patio to myself most days for the last few summers, it will be GREAT to see this very special place thriving again.

  • D

    Keep the pots of tea, please! That’s the only reason I go there. Nowhere else in the area has this.

  • MarkR307

    Glad that the coffee shop will continue to operate under independent owners, and not fall to mega-corporate chains.


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