Reston, VA

Ridge Heights Pool/file photoThere is still a lot of summer left.

If you are not a Reston Association member and want to join the RA pools and tennis courts, season passes are now half price.

A pool membership gives you access to all 15 pools. A tennis membership gives you access to RA’s 52 courts, including kid-sized courts at North Shore and 28 lighted courts.

There are a wide variety of prices and memberships. Among them:

  • Family Pool & Tennis: $315
  • Family ZIP Code Pool & Tennis Pass: $265
  • Family ZIP Code Pool Only: $197.50 (Zip code within Reston but not part of Reston Association. Proper documentation and in-person purchase required)
  • Family Pool Only: $300
  • Family Tennis Only: $180
  • Couple Pool & Tennis: $272.50
  • Couple Pool Only: $265
  • Couple Tennis Only: $157.50
  • Individual Pool & Tennis: $227.50
  • Individual Pool Only: $185
  • Individual Tennis Only: $127.50
  • 10 and Under Tennis Pass: $35

Passes are available online or at RA Headquarters, 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr.


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