RA Offering Non Members Half Price on Pool & Tennis

by Karen Goff July 17, 2015 at 4:15 pm 14 Comments

Ridge Heights Pool/file photoThere is still a lot of summer left.

If you are not a Reston Association member and want to join the RA pools and tennis courts, season passes are now half price.

A pool membership gives you access to all 15 pools. A tennis membership gives you access to RA’s 52 courts, including kid-sized courts at North Shore and 28 lighted courts.

There are a wide variety of prices and memberships. Among them:

  • Family Pool & Tennis: $315
  • Family ZIP Code Pool & Tennis Pass: $265
  • Family ZIP Code Pool Only: $197.50 (Zip code within Reston but not part of Reston Association. Proper documentation and in-person purchase required)
  • Family Pool Only: $300
  • Family Tennis Only: $180
  • Couple Pool & Tennis: $272.50
  • Couple Pool Only: $265
  • Couple Tennis Only: $157.50
  • Individual Pool & Tennis: $227.50
  • Individual Pool Only: $185
  • Individual Tennis Only: $127.50
  • 10 and Under Tennis Pass: $35

Passes are available online or at RA Headquarters, 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr.

  • RA dues payer

    On the plus side it is good to see RA trying to get more revenue. On minus side it goes to show that RA has over capacity and a bloated staff to cater to not enough patrons.
    The problem with these not for profits is that once they create a position they never fire anyone and keep on giving cost of living increases.
    What is the deal with giving non RA Reston zip code a further discount? Explain the logic of this.
    Maybe we will soon see discount sales for the Tetra property wedding facility.

    • MaggieSays

      I guess so the folks in Deepwood can have access to more pools within their community.

  • Commonsense

    So of the few perks we get for being a Restonian, access to pools and tennis, we now have to share those with the greater community? Overcrowded facilities is not worth the premiums I’m paying. Can I get a discount on my Reston homeowner fees if I don’t use the pools?

  • cRAzy

    So does this mean that I, an RA member, can get half of my swimming & tennis money back (including pass fee) if I haven’t used RA’s pools or courts yet this year???

    Seems reasonable to me.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    I am going to be desperately pis.. er, peeved …if I can’t get into the pool tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be in the high 90’s, all because RA sold a half-price pass to somebody from the outside.

    • YellowRiver

      I do that in the pool all the time, half price pass or no half price pass. But I do wonder why half prices are only extended to non-members and not to members for the remaining of the pool pis.., er, pass season.

  • LiliKang

    I’m with most of you about not letting all of Fairfax County get a pool pass, but I do feel for the people who move into places like Stratton Woods and then realize, nope, no pools for you. And although they should have done their homework, not all do.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Sorry, LK. But I have no sympathy for those people. If pools are really that important to Stratton Woods, let the community petition to become full members in RA.

      In the interim, Herndon has pools, the YMCA has a pool, and there’s always the Watermine Park.

    • YellowRiver

      This is nothing new, full season passes at full season non-member prices have been available all season. Why complain now: because passes are now extended at half-price to non-members and not to members, therefore the members bear a greater percentage of the cost burden.

      • pool troll

        This is a non-sense argument. Its more about getting revenue, that RA would not ordinarily be getting. Also August is a slower month, with many families on vacation.

        • John Higgins

          Troll, your reply makes sense….maybe. If RA’s experience is that they sell few non-resident passes after mid-July, the discount is a super idea. As long as RA sells twice as many such passes than normal, we are ahead of the game. We should applaud this creativity. Of course, the same logic applies to offering short-season discounts to members. Maybe that will be the next announcement.

  • BossHogg

    So what are my dues going to? Because the access to pools are now meaningless

  • Friend

    I think we as Reston residents need to take a stance and fight RA on how they set new rules and guidelines in their favor then the actual people who are their customers and paying their salaries!

  • Friend

    We as Reston Residents need to take a stance against RA because they change any decision in their favor. Unfortunately RA is like the Federal Government and not a place I would ever recommend for a person or family to move to. Vienna, Great Falls, Oakton, etc are 150%. All are a much better place to live then Reston!


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