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Closed: Ben & Jerry’s at Reston Town Center

by Karen Goff September 14, 2015 at 11:00 am 1,120 6 Comments

Sign at Ben & Jerry's/Credit: Jennifer Heffner

Reston’s Ben & Jerry’s store has closed its doors.

As of Sunday, the windows at the store at 11928 Market Street were papered over and a sign is on the window saying the store is closed — but just temporarily until it reopens at another Reston Town Center spot.

We’re Mooooooving!!!

Sorry — we’re closing temporarily.

We will re-open a few yards up the street soon.

Look for our mobile cart in a week!

Ben & Jerry’s management did not say where the new store will be located, but the PR at Partners beauty salon located at 11944 Market Street will soon be available as that business is relocating to a new space on Democracy Drive, also at Reston Town Center.

Meanwhile, a new tenant for the Ben & Jerry’s space has filed renovation permits for the space. Fairfax County permits identify the new tenant only as a “future tenant” but do not provide a name of the business.

Photo by Jennifer Heffner

  • Ming the Merciless

    Stay closed until you’re as good as the Great Falls Creamery!

    • Henry Rearden

      I concur. Over-priced mediocre food plagues the RTC the way it is.

      • Pete

        Sounds like you have never enjoyed Ben & Jerry’s Schweedy Balls. My mouth’s watering just thinking about those Balls! There’s no beating their Balls. They’re made from a secret recipe. No one can resist Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls. They maybe a bit mis-shaped, but that should not discourage your from putting those balls in your mouth.

        • Anna Gibson

          hahaha! Love it!

  • Greg

    Nothing is better than Thelma’s was. So, so missed!

  • Bowling 4 Bollards

    Still missing Lee’s ice cream and sandwich shop. *Sigh* Of course, the RTC only wants credit tenants these days, favoring overpriced mediocrity like Ben and Jerry. It ain’t all that, folks, really.


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