New Online Tool Tells You Your Tolls Before You Hit Road

by Karen Goff December 3, 2015 at 4:30 pm 2 Comments

Toll calculator/MWAAHow much will my Dulles Toll Road ride cost?

A new feature on DullesTollRoad.com can tell you in advance. The tool allows drivers to plan and calculate their toll on their computer, tablet and mobile devices.

Tolls are calculated after selecting an entry and exit point from drop-down menus or by clicking directly on the map, says the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which operates the toll road.

Depending on the entry and exit points, one-way rates for two-axle vehicles range from $1.00 to $3.50. Tolls are the same whether paid by cash or E-ZPass.

The resulting route is highlighted on the map and the total toll for the trip is displayed. Tolls displayed are for the Dulles Toll Road only, and do not include other adjacent toll highways.

“This new online feature makes access to toll information more convenient for the traveling public,” Cyndi Ward, Dulles Toll Road manager, said in a release. “The toll calculator is an intuitive planning tool that elevates customer service by giving travelers a predictable experience before they drive on the Dulles Toll Road.”

  • Joe Heflin

    Somehow we have gotten away from putting up signs by the toll booth which tell people how much they have to pay. All of the emphasis is on a “Smartpass” or “Fastpass” which eliminates reaching into your pocket and pulling out money for the toll. A couple of weeks ago I paid $11.00 on the 495 Express lanes from Tysons to Springfield. That’s almost $1.00 a mile. If I had to reach into my pocket and pull out $11.00 in cash I would have thought seriously about whether it was worth it or not. Apparently, Va is going to accept a $7.50 toll on I 66 inside the beltway which means that someone living in Ashburn and working in, say, Arlington will pay $17.10 each way each day. That’s $8,500 a year in tolls without one penny for the cost of the car, gas or insurance. VA also is changing HOV 2 to HOV 3 and replacing HOV lanes with toll lanes on I 395.

    Perhaps the most expensive tolls in the United States.

    At some point it will cause many to think twice before moving here.

    • Mike M

      If you vote for Gerry Connolly, Ken Plum, Sharon Bulova, or K Hudgins, you asked for it.

      It’s about democracy where people look at the issues and not the parties.


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