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Update: Pedestrian Dies After Being Struck on Toll Road in Reston

by Karen Goff December 16, 2015 at 2:45 pm 20 Comments

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Update, 2:45 p.m. Wednesday: The pedestrian hit on the Dulles Toll Road Wednesday morning was pronounced dead at the hospital, where he was taken, an MWAA spokesman said.

Investigators are still determining why the pedestrian was walking on the toll road.

Original story, 8 a.m. Wednesday: A pedestrian was struck in Reston on the Dulles Toll Road eastbound early this morning, and traffic remains backed up to the Loudoun County line as authorities investigate the incident.

The incident occurred shortly after 6:30 a.m. near the exit ramp at Wiehle Avenue, Metropolitan Washinton Airport Authority Police said.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, officials said. The exit ramp was still blocked as of 8 a.m. as investigators are on the scene.

The accident investigation is also affecting Fairfax Connector buses:

Wiehle Metro South: Rts 585, 924, 926, 929, 980, 985 — Buses will board and drop-off passengers on the north side of station near Reston Station Blvd.

  • Mike M

    Accident scenes are dangerous spots because people think if they are responding to an accident that another one couldn’t happen immediately afterwards and that everyone else saw what they saw. This sort of thing unfortunately is not uncommon. I wonder if the original accident had to do with the crummy design of the Wiehle bus stop.

  • MC

    This is the third serious pedestrian incident in the last few months. Reston and/or County planners should take notice.

    • SouthRestonResident

      Perhaps pedestrians should be a bit more aware of their surroundings. The number of people I’ve seen jaywalk or have total disregard for the crosswalks is baffling.

  • JohnQPublic

    The design of the entire metro stop with keeping pedestrian safety in mind seems non-existent. All officials are concerned with is milking more money out of the public and putting up over priced condos as quick as possible. Not surprised at all that serious pedestrian incidents are occurring. The crosswalks around sunrise hills & whelie are an absolute joke….shame on the designers

    • Karen Goff

      The victim was walking on the Toll Road, which is unsafe no matter what. unknown if it has to do with the metro stop.

      • Mike M

        I heard there was an accident at the bottom of the bus ramp and the victim got of out of his car before being struck. I believe WTOP reported this. It was an early report and may have been wrong.

    • GB

      I’ve saw a truck driver switch off there. The truck pulled over to the shoulder of the toll road and then someone ran from the south side bus waiting area, across the on ramp, and got in the truck. I don’t think it’s fair to blame the designers for something like that, and this sounds similar.

      • TheKingJAK

        People are acting insane. Wow.

      • Why do you bother?

        That ramp is a serious hazard. I’ve never seen anything like it, and see idiots fly into the bus-only section frequently. You couldn’t pay me enough to take a bus that docks there.

    • sh

      I was there when it happened. He was on the off ramp of the toll road, not sure why he was out there. Cars come up that ramp at well over 50mph. Wish I hadn’t of been there…the sights and sounds will remain with me forever. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

      • Why do you bother?

        Ugh. I’m sorry you had to witness this.

      • RestonMetroRider

        I was also there and that man had been dropped off on the exit ramp, then tried to cross the exit ramp to the bus bay, and had done so many times before from the comments from regulars at the bus bay. The police have been there the last few mornings to prevent this ILLEGAL action from happening again. Very sad and unfortunate but it wasn’t the smartest thing to do and he paid the ultimate price. I will never get that scene out of my head. My prayers go out to the family, especially that family member (?) who was also on the scene as well. Very sobering and traumatic start to the day on Wednesday.

        • Riley M.

          I have been here and take the metro too, and the path this man took is the regular drop off point for nearly everyone coming in from south wiehle ave for drop off. As you mentioned, police are there trying to change the current flow of drop offs because of the continuous incidents. The problem is not pedestrians here, the problem is crap planning of a metro stop. All the people here are just trying to get to work. People are people of habit, and that was quite obviously the flow of how people go to that stop. Case and point the police office trying to redirect the current flow.There needed to be a direct, well lighted path, with pedestrian flashing lights which should have been imposed at the drop off points from the beginning. Instead they cheaped out and this tragedy happened as well as now several others arsing from this poor planning. I hope the family members of all those who have been hit or injured this year there take this matter to the courts together.

        • GSC

          Being the brother of the man who was killed in the early morning of the 16th this has been a shock to me. Please reach out to me “RestonMetroRider” and anyone else that can tell me what happened and how safety was sacrificed for cost savings at this newest metro station. Thank you! gscruick at cox dot net or propertyinc at cox dot net.

      • GSC

        sh, I am the brother of the man killed on the morning of the 16th. I would like help to fill in a couple details that I do not understand about this accident. gscruick at cox dot net. or propertyinc at cox dot net. Please reach out to me.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    My condolences to the family of the deceased.

  • Family member

    Shame on everyone for talking about this
    Especially when you don’t know what happened. Were you there? Did you know the family? Well I am the family.
    Mr Morningside – Thank you

    • Mike M

      I am very sorry for your loss. I also would like some adjustments made to the whole Wiehle transit facility before this sort of thing continues. I worry about my family too. This facility was very, very poorly planned for political reasons. I am afraid that talking about this is pretty important.

  • None Ya

    I believe they have this story wrong. Oddly there isn’t much out the accident anyone on the news or on this page.

  • Guest

    To everyone wondering, he was crossing the street to the metro stop… not just randomly strolling down a toll road as this horribly written story seems to wrongly imply. If you have ever been to this intersection you would see it is home to some of the worst pedestrian planned roads that have ever been designed. The county, not just the driver should be held responsible for this, if anything more so the county.. as it could have been completely avoided if they would have planned pedestrian paths better. Who on earth puts a pedestrian stop on the other side of a toll road! Pedestrians walk, that’s what they do, Who planned this layout? You are quite literally responsible in some part for another person’s death, next time think more about the people and less about how much money you can save buy eliminating safety measures!


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