Reston, VA

Friday Morning Rundown

Snow at North Point Village Center/Credit: Robbie Nolan

#Snowmaggedon, Or Whatever — Restonian takes a look at the “Storm of the Century” about to head towards Reston. [Restonian]

Storm On The Slopes — Want to ride out this upcoming storm where snow is a bonus? Here is a guide to nearby ski areas. [Patch]

Darn It! — The ban on cursing in public in Virginia will be upheld. [Virginian-Pilot]

Storm In Pictures — As we get through the blizzard of the next few days, Reston Now would love to see your pictures and social media of you, your kids, your dogs and all things snow related (both good and bad) for possible publication. You can reach us by email at [email protected], on Facebook and @Restonnow on Twitter. Stay safe out there!

Photo: Snow at North Point Wednesday/Credit: Robbie Nolan


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