A Reston homeowner got a surprise along with her morning coffee Thursday morning when a deer smashed through a large window of her Hunters Woods-area home.

The homeowner — who asked her name and address not be used because her house is not secure right now — said she heard a large crash.

“I thought it was a tree branch,” she said. “There was a rumbling sound and glass breaking. Then I looked in the sunroom and there was a mess all over.”

The homeowner, who has lived in the house off of Steeplechase Road for 49 years, said the deer knocked a chair across the room. The sunroom door was closed, so the deer was unable to run through the house, she said.

Among the broken glass from the 3-by-5 foot window, the homeowner and her daughter found clumps of animal hair.

The homeowner said she sees deer coming through her wooded lot almost daily.

“They pass through all the time,” she said. “They are usually so tame. I don’t think there was anything I could have done to prevent this.”

Deer population has been on the rise in Reston and other Fairfax County areas, officials said. It has created mainly a hazard on roads, especially during mating season. Reston Association in 2014 approved a private deer hunt on Sourwood Lane, which is also in the Hunters Woods area.


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