Reston, VA

This week’s Reston Pet of the Week is Lucy Rocket, who lives with her people near Lake Audubon. Here is what her owner, Laura, has to say about her:

Lucy Rocket came to live with her family just over a year ago. Her mother was a Red Heeler and the rest is anybody’s guess.

Lucy’s likes include chasing sticks, squirrels, deer, foxes, and birds. She also loves to catch tennis balls, and she will get very focused if anyone has a ball (she almost never misses).

Dislikes include baths, turtles (rocks that move), and one neighborhood cat that charged her and made her run yelping all the way home.

Lucy Rocket can be found enthusiastically greeting others while walking the trails of South Reston with her family or on the front of a paddle board on Lake Audubon in the spring and summer.

Lucy Rocket and Laura will receive $100 in Becky’s Bucks, as well as some treats, from our sponsor, Becky’s Pet Care.

Want your pet to be considered for the Reston Pet of the Week?

Email [email protected] with a 2-3 paragraph bio and at least 3-4 horizontally-oriented photos of your pet.

Each week’s winner receives a sample of dog or cat treats from our sponsor, Becky’s Pet Care, along with $100 in Becky’s Bucks.

Becky’s Pet Care, the winner of three Angie’s List Super Service Awards and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters’ 2013 Business of the Year, provides professional dog walking and pet sitting services in Reston and Northern Virginia.


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