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Two More Restaurants to Open at RTC West

by Karen Goff April 7, 2016 at 5:05 pm 31 Comments

Future RTC West Two more restaurants have signed on to join Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant at JBG Companies’ RTC West development.

RTC West announced on Thursday that Nando’s Peri-Peri and Mezeh Mediterranean Grill will open Reston locations at the mixed-use development on Sunset Hills Road.

Nando’s, a flame-grilled chicken restaurant that began in South Africa but has several DC-area locations, has signed for 3,400 square feet of the converted retail space. Mezeh, which JBG calls “an all fresh and natural take on Mediterranean fare,” has signed for 2,124 square feet of space.

JBG is in the process of redeveloping several floors of existing office buildings to add more than 40,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space in walking distance of the future Reston Town Center Metro station (set to open in 2020). There is the potential of up to 1.4 million square feet of development for RTC West, which is expected to open the first phase in 2017, JBG reps said in a release.

“Within easy walking distance to the future Reston Town Center Metro station, RTC West is ideally positioned to be a walkable and active mixed-use neighborhood,” Greg Trimmer, a JBG principal, said in a release.”JBG has a strong presence in Reston, and we believe it’s an excellent submarket for further investment and a wonderful community for enhanced placemaking.”

The first phase of development converts 15,000 square feet of office space into street-level retail and adds 25,000 square feet of new retail on the southwest corner of the nearly 14-acre campus.

  • Bill2298

    And free parking? I’m there.

    • Karen Goff

      Not determined yet.

      • June Smith

        Probably not – if BP has any say in the matter

        • Karen Goff

          They don’t have any say. It is owned by JBG.

          • June Smith

            Good to know – thanks

          • Dentro

            Unlikely they’ll be able to keep it free since BP is charging next door (and they’d be flooded with people trying to avoid BP’s fees if they their charges didn’t match), but that’s completely conjecture at this point.

  • Judye

    When is Reston ever going to get some interesting restaurants? Indian? Ethiopian? Vegetarian? I am so sick of the same thing over and over. Chain restaurants that serve the same stuff…..busaras and the afghan place (which I think is leaving soon) are the only really e interesting places. Big bowl is ok. The Mexican places are terrible. Give me the diversity and delicious and fresh restaurants of Herndon any day. Reston is really becoming more and more just rich and boring.

    • vdiv

      One is South African and the other sounds Lebanese, how many of those do we have in Reston now? It’s progress.

    • Ming the Merciless

      Indian? <– Mayuri
      Vegetarian? <– Sweetgreen

    • Mike M

      Your life is HARD!

      (Gimme a beer and a hockey game. My life is goood.)

    • PoliticsGirl

      Cross the Herndon border right behind Target and there’s a great Ethiopian place.

  • Brad

    Nando’s? Reston is about to get cheeky, lads.

    • yair_marx

      My top mate, who is an absolute ledge is going to like this.

  • All employees must wash hands

    More than ever people in Reston need to learn two things

    1. How to make coffee
    2. How to cook

    It’s become so bad that this once rich nation is turning to a 3rd world malnutrition.

    • June Smith

      Unless we can encourage small businesses and restaurants to move into our Village Centers … Free parking, wihile dining and strolling around the Village Centers

  • surfish

    yawn. more restaurants.

    • TheRealODB

      Yawn. Not a Hooters.

      • Wings!!

        Yawn. No plate of wings and ice cold beer.

  • June Smith

    Will customers have to pay for parking at this re-developed site?

    • Karen Goff

      I am trying to get that info. I don’t think that has been determined yet but I would not be surprised if it is paid parking at RTC West, which has offices and is even closer to the Metro.

      • June Smith

        Now is the time for small businesses and restaurants to start looking at our Village Centers, where people can park free – dine and stroll through the center

        • Dentro

          I’d rather pay for parking but have the coffee be free, personally.

          • June Smith

            Nothing will be Free at the RTC – and expect the price of coffee to rise … if any othe coffee shops remain in the RTC

          • Dentro

            Right. Nothing should be free. I was making a crack at how entitled and unjustified it is to expect free storage for your giant two-ton possession. Free coffee would be far cheaper of an unearned handout.

  • June Smith

    We need to start building out the Village Centers with some nice restaurants and small shops …. where you can park free, visit the shops and dine

    • Dentro

      No free parking. If we want small shops, we need foot traffic, which means we should encourage people to walk and developers to build residential within walking distance with sidewalks. Free parking just encourages the opposite.

      • June Smith

        I disagree – Village Centers were the hubs of Reston business for 30 years – before the Town Center shut them down. People walked or drove to the Centers in equal numbers. The RTC – according to rumor – is reaching out to chains to lease retail space because they have deep pockets and can absorb the additional cost of parking. This not only displaces the small shops, it will backfire on the RTC because the chains that are in the RTC are also in Fair Oaks Mall and Tysons – both of which have free parking.

        Pay Parking at the RTC will destroy the Center .. if people are going to drive 3-5 miles to the RTC, they will drive another 5 miles to Tysons and Fair Oaks Mall – yet another reason why we should begin promoting the revitalization of the Village Centers

        • Dentro

          30 years in which we slowly suffocated ourselves with untenable traffic and spread destinations further and further apart with parking lots and wide roads, so people were left with little choice but to drive. The idea that walkers and drivers are 50/50 to the village centers is preposterous; it’s almost entirely drivers. And, if it were true that pedestrians are half of the customers, it’s only fair that drivers should pay directly for parking, since 80% of the real estate needs of the village centers are parking lots that pedestrians are not using, and are in fact impeded by on their way to where they’re going. Why should pedestrians pay for parking in the cost of their goods if they’re not using the parking? Obviously, the money for all that real estate has to come from somewhere.

          If people want to drive, they can drive, but they should pay a nominal amount for it. That’s the cost of luxury. If you can afford a car, gas, insurance, registration, etc, bearing the cost of parking shouldn’t be a problem.

          • June Smith

            If there was any logic to your comment – we would pay to park at Tysons and Fair Oaks.

            Remember when you were a kid and you tried to slide one through by saying – “But, everyone else is doing it”. Turned out everyone else was NOT doing it.

            Paid Parking at the Town Center will destroy it … the Metro is not scheduled to open until 2020 – but BP will begin charging for parking in June …. can you say “cahing”

          • Dentro

            Tysons and Fair Oaks will have to start charging soon enough, once the onslaught of entitled whiners starts flooding their garages past capacity just to prove a point and save $2.

  • RestonLyons

    We go to Villa Mozart in Fairfax City, used to be at Lake Anne, excellent chef owned restaurant. We maybe eat at the RTC twice a year. RTC restaurant are for those who need a noisy place to get together with little concern for what they eat.


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