Developers Will Show New St. Johns Wood Plan Next Week

by Karen Goff April 27, 2016 at 10:30 am 13 Comments

Rendering of St. John's Wood/Credit: Bozzuto

Bozzuto Development and Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins will present a revised proposal for St. Johns Wood Apartments at a community meeting on Wednesday, May 4.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Hunter Mill District Office, 1801 Cameron Glen Dr. in Reston.

The St. Johns Wood plan has been through a couple of changes since first plans were shown to community members more than a year ago

The 14.3-acre development currently consists of nine three-story, garden-style apartment buildings containing a total of 250 multi-family residential units.

Bozzuto first submitted an application to Fairfax County in 2014, proposing to redevelop the property with three mid-rise residential buildings containing 625 multi-family units and 34 single-family attached townhomes.

But based on meetings with Fairfax County, the Reston Association Design Review Board, and members of the Reston Planning & Zoning Committee, the developer revised the plan to reduce the scale and scope of the multi-family residential buildings.

Bozzuto eliminated one of the previously proposed multi-family buildings, adjusted the massing of the two remaining residential buildings to improve their compatibility with surrounding uses, and is making an effort to preserve more wooded area on the property.

The revised plan is now for 511 multi-family units in two buildings, and 51 single-family attached units.

Some of the other details:

An additional traffic entrance/exit from the community located at Reston Parkway and Center Harbor Road. An exit on Center Harbor has been added to the current one at North Village Road.

Twelve percent of the units will be set aside for affordable housing, as required by law.

The townhomes will be located along Center Harbor Road. The two five-story buildings will be located along the north end of the property.

The developers expect the planning phase will take about two years and construction another two years.

No word yet on what would happen to current residents during redevelopment.

The plan is expected to have a Fairfax County Planning Commission public hearing on June 23.

Rendering of St. John’s Wood/Credit: Bozzuto

  • Restontimes

    Again, I ask where is the DRB on this? Anything?

    • Mike M

      “But based on meetings with Fairfax County, the Reston Association Design Review Board, and members of the Reston Planning & Zoning Committee, the developer revised the plan to reduce the scale and scope of the multi-family residential buildings.”

      Do you really give any credence that the DRB?

      • cRAzy

        Well, we have to be “elite” as one snob said lately.

      • Terpitude

        I don’t mind British names. Regents Park doesn’t sound bad at all. You prefer VY and BLVD?

        • Greg

          LOL — good one!

        • Mike M

          Gee. I guess there is nothing in this great universe after which to names things other than snooty British names and BLVD and VY. Yeah. I guess we’re kinda stuck. I mean those of us with sheep mentalities and no imagination.

        • LakeNewportLady

          I can get over BLVD because at least it’s an abbreviation for a word. VY just annoys me – I call it “vie” and I’m not sure what they are going for….

    • Karen Goff

      Not really. It has not been formally presented because it keeps changing. RA in general does not like the plan.

    • dick

      the DRB has had several “informational only” meetings for this application (that means no motion and no voting). It’s always best to attend these meetings where possible to hear the comments, but Observer’s comments are pretty much correct.

  • Observer

    Last week, DRB roundly criticized the new proposal, saying it was a step backwards from the prior (October 2015) plans. The developer seemed to accept the criticism, and indicated that changes would be made. Surprised that they’re still going ahead with this community meeting.

    • cRAzy

      It may change. It may not. It may be worse. It may be better.

      It doesn’t matter. They’ll just keep throwing crap up against the wall until something sticks with the DRB, RP&Z, PC, and Board of Supervisors.

      • Greg

        Well, we certainly know that design is very low on the list. Every building, and especially redevelopment in Reston of late, has looked like a post-war, Communist block structure with odd, even bizarre, ornamentation.

        Highest on the list are voters (as much social housing as possible); proffers for all manner of things that add little value (expensive traffic bypasses for the fire department, parks); and dense, ugly architecture.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    They should rename it “Cabrini Green”. (Or are they saving that name for the massive “affordable” housing redevelopment at Lake Anne?)


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