Fairfax County Hits Sign Violators With $6K in Fines

by Karen Goff June 2, 2016 at 11:30 am 12 Comments

Fairfax County worker removing signs/Credit: Fairfax CountyFairfax County says it has sent $6,000 in invoices to some of the county’s worst roadside and median sign violators.

Under a legal agreement with the state, Fairfax County removes signs from public rights of way on about 71 major roads. The law allows the county to collect a $100 civil penalty against sign owners. The penalty is assessed for each sign posted.

The county says it began charging penalties last month, and five sign owners have received invoices for these amounts:

  • We Pay up to $100-200 Junk Car: $3,500
  • Bruce and Tanya REMAX: $1,600
  • Debbie Dogrul, Long & Foster: $600
  • Mount Vernon Athletic Club: $200
  • Target Marble: $100

In this fiscal year (which ends June 30), the county has picked up 27,621 signs so far under the removal program it began in 2013.

Crews remove these signs from public rights-of-way along 71 streets — or about 200 miles of roadway. Most are two-lane, divided highways Fairfax County Parkway, Route 50 and Route 28. Signs are not removed from neighborhood streets, nor are they cleaned up based on public complaints, county officials said.

The signs are removed by the Sheriff’s Community Labor Force, which collects signs every week from Tuesday to Thursday. Their crews will visit each road included in the program one time each month. Signs are stored at the I-66 Transfer Station for five days, allowing owners time to reclaim them. After this time, the signs are destroyed.

State law prohibits posting signs on public rights of way, including advertising, campaign and other signs.

If a sign on any public road presents a safety hazard, drivers should contact VDOT at 1-800-FOR-ROAD or via its online form.

The county program was created to assist the Virginia Department of Transportation. Fairfax signed a legal agreement with VDOT that authorizes it to remove signs; VDOT is still in charge of maintaining roads.

Photo courtesy Fairfax County

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Thank you to the Sheriff’s Community Labor Force for rendering this much needed service. These signs are an eyesore.

  • Mike M

    SpiderSmart Learning Centers

    Enroll Now!


    Kidding! 😉

  • taylor13

    Thank you Sheriff’s Community Labor Force! These signs are an epidemic. I hope they continue fining these companies!

  • Nyla J.

    I hope that Dog Obedience guy gets a huge fine. I’m so sick of seeing his signs and cards littering everywhere.

  • Fairfax Watcher

    Well Done to the County Sheriff’s Office and the folks who are in the CLF!! It took a very LONG time to get the County to take action but now they have and let’s thank them for this worthwhile effort!

  • Reston Watcher

    Are any streets in Reston included? Or is Reston excluded because RA contractors maintain the roadsides, not the CLF?

  • Robert Mowbray

    About time. I thought real estate and political signs (prior to elections) were legal.

    • Karen Goff

      They are legal as long as they are removed in a timely manner.

  • Mookie Taylor

    What about the $40 massage signs? Does anyone actually choose a masseuse that advertises via road sign?

  • Guest

    Thank you! And come to Reston to get Sport & Health in Reston! lol

  • JP

    Perhaps this story should include the cost of this program, which is greater than $150,000 a year. And they picked up 27,621 signs, which each carry a fine of $100, but only levied $6,000 in fines?? AND they save the signs for five days to allow the owners to pick them up?:?? FOR what?? So we can spend $150,000 again next year to pick them up again?

  • Arla Albers

    YEA!!!!! FINALLY the county is doing something about it!!!! Sure wish they’d fine the massage places and the karate places that place their signs at the corner of Prosperity and 50, Prosperity and 29, and all over the county otherwise. Now if they would only make them PAY the fines before they can renew their business licenses, THAT would make the system work!!!!


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