Progress Report: Here’s What’s Being Built at Reston Heights

by Karen Goff July 21, 2016 at 4:30 pm 21 Comments

The surface lot area of the Reston International Center has gone from an old strip mall to a giant construction area seemingly overnight.

Actually, it has been a little more than six months since major construction work began in the eight-acre site on Sunrise Valley Drive near Reston Parkway. But you may have blinked — and then noticed a multi-story parking garage has been built.

Let’s revisit what is planned for JBG’s development, which will be called Vy at Reston Heights.

JBG’s application was approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in spring of 2013. The mixed-use development will be about a half-mile from the future Reston Town Center Metro station that is expected to open in 2020.

VY is slated to open in late 2017 for residents and in early 2018 for retailers.

Overall, the plan includes 89,000 feet of retail space (it has been approved for more than 200,000 square feet) and nearly 400 residential units. It has also been approved for 428,225 square feet of office space.

Public spaces include will include outdoor dining and gathering areas, as well as an outdoor amphitheater.

There are five buildings planned:

A six-story residential building featuring 385 units. There will be studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom rental apartments. Twelve percent will be set aside as workforce housing.

A five-level above-ground parking garage. The garage you see currently under construction will have decorative exterior elements that include “tall natural wood beams that echo the vertical designs of Reston’s first buildings at Lake Anne,” JBG says.

A 15-story mixed-use building. The first two stories would be split between two levels of parking and two levels of retail space. The two levels of parking will face the Reston Parkway frontage, while the retail space will face the central retail plaza. The remaining stories will be dwellings.

A 10-story retail and office building with five stories of parking. The building will feature 3,600 square feet of retail and 100,000 square feet of offices.

The Reston International Center tower will remain, and plans call for an additional 145,035 square feet of office space to be constructed on the northern side of the building. This addition would match the current building’s 203-foot height.

Development conditions include widening of Reston Parkway, additional traffic signals, crosswalks, pedestrian access to the Metro entrance and bicycle parking. See the plans and the long list of development conditions on Fairfax County Planning Department’s website.

  • Nyla J.

    Get me out of here.

    • June Smith

      Give it a little more time – after the metro to Dulles is complete, property values will soar – and then you can have a serious ca-ching moment that will allow you to move anywhere you want – buy a home that far surpasses what you currenlty have – with a tidy little nest egg to spare.

      • Or The Donald wins and cuts all federal spending including military…then growth in Reston will slow, slow….

        • Tomorrow

          Huh? What? Whoever is elected has nothing to do with what’s being built at Reston Heights right now. Obama is president now, did he have anything to do with this?

          • Yes Obama did for he continued the spending and spending by the federal government just like W did. And the Nova economy is almost entirely dependent on federal spending and there has to be an end and either Trump or Hillary will inherit it. Under W and O the national debt jumped from less than one trillion dollars to more than $20 trillion not counting side debts like the $2 trillion student loans etc. So the rooster is coming home and someone will have to make a place for him. Someone will have to pay the piper and Nova and the DC area will be paying a lot.
            In Reston we do have a force in the DAP and the Silver line but we too will have to pay the Piper!

          • cRAzy

            Of course, it’s all Obama’s fault (whatever “it” is)!

  • ah

    tired of them making Reston into a big city. miss the beautiful family town that i grew up in. the very diverse family town. they are quickly pushing the lower and middleclass out as well as the nonwhite. booo!

    • June Smith

      When I moved here in the 80s, the long range planning goal was a city of 75,000 residents and an additional 50,000 coming into the city daily to work and shop. The projected completion date was 2025.

      • ah

        have they surpassed those numbers?

        • June Smith

          The current Reston resident population is 58,000. The number of people outside Fairfax County who commute to Fairfax County to work is about 95,000 – I couldn’t find a breakout for Reston, though once the Silver Line is up and running for a while, with some semblence of reliability, a good estimate should be available.

          • ah

            cool, thanks for the info!

    • GB

      “big city”…

      • ah

        big city compared to what it was! a nice family town.

        • June Smith

          500,000 – 999,999: small mid-sized city
          1,000,000 – 1,999,999: large mid-sized city
          2,000,000 – 4,999,999: large city
          5,000,000 – 7,999,999: very large city
          8,000,000+: extremely large city

          Using these numbers, even with with a combined maximum resident/commuter poulation, Reston will still be defined as a large town or very small city

          • ah

            oh okay. ive been here my whole life i dont want it too big. i was asking if we have at least 75k now since you said that was proposed for 2025.

  • doobea

    And yet no discussion whatsoever in any of these proposed developments regarding road and other infrastructure improvements already necessary which will be even more critical once the newly approved maximum density is fully adopted. 🙁

    • Karen Goff

      There has been discussion and a long list of development conditions, including road improvements, on this project. Click the last word in the story to see staff report.

  • Like, whooaaaa

    I’m digging that candy striped sky, man.

  • Sam

    As a resident of Soapstone Drive, I am looking forward to this. Saves me a longer trip (and parking fees) vs going to RTC. This is a far better use of that parcel. With the expansion of Metro, these core areas are going to be built up. Our village centers will remain as a respite from the high rises.

  • Greg

    Isn’t that a lovely Brutalist parking garage right on Reston’s main street. Just lovely!

  • Arielle in NoVA

    I’m generally in support of this International Center redevelopment, but why is the parking garage so imposing? We drove past it on Reston Parkway this week and could hardly see the International Center from the road now 🙁


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