Clinton Campaign Will Open Office at Lake Anne Plaza

by Karen Goff August 5, 2016 at 2:45 pm 35 Comments

Lake Anne PlazaThe Clinton-Kaine campaign is opening a local office for the final months of the presidential race in a very high profile Reston spot.

The campaign will open an office at 1635 Washington Plaza, a former hair salon storefront at Lake Anne Plaza.

The office is expected to open soon, with a grand opening party later this month, a campaign spokesman said.

In 2012, Barack Obama’s re-election campaign had an office in Reston in an office building at 1760 Reston Parkway.

Local offices are where campaigns organize volunteers, hold phone banks and do other community-level campaign work.

Voters in Reston traditionally vote heavily Democratic in presidential elections. In 2008, Barack Obama won Reston precincts 66 percent to 33 percent. In 2012, Obama had 65 percent of the votes to Mitt Romney’s 34 percent.

  • Mike M

    Makes perfect sense!

    • Nigel P.

      Outdated? 50+ years young and still relevant! Shops (3), walk to the restaurants (3), get a craft brew, get a hair cut, get your nails done, buy a book, and (gasp) forget the car (and if you do come by car, parking is FREE). At least there is a real view (as opposed to RTC concrete canyons) or the dark woods. Dysfunctional? Still works as intended. Perpetually failing? Try getting into the exercise classes in the RCC center during the week. Last night was humming on the Plaza – I counted 150+ people out strolling, eating, drinking, boating, listening to the music, generally having a great time. Funny how you have to park way up North Shore on a Saturday morning for the market.

      • Mike M

        Oh boy! A DNC dreamer. OK, I’ll grant you that there is a decent restaurant and an interesting bar there. There used to be another decent restaurant, but it went away, just like so many other business that have tried to make the fantasy work. I’ll concede that I hope the new businesses there succeed, but I think we know they probably won’t. I’d like to patronize them, but they are no convenient to me. They cannot survive off of the clientele that can walk. As for looking down your nose at cars, I’m afraid you are not in tune with the actual time and space that we actually occupy. RCC Center? That’s government subsidy and not the only subsidy associated with the very run down Lake Anne.

        • Mike M

          Hey, Nigel. Just for you, bud

          We’re only making plans for Lake Anne

          We only want what’s best for it

          We’re only making plans for Lake Annel

          Lake Anne just needs that helping hand

          And if you say Lake Anne is happy

          It must be happy

          It must be happy

          He must be happy in this world

          We’re only making plans for Lake Anne

          It has his future as a village center!

        • URA lazy pessimist

          “I hope the new businesses there succeed, but I think we know they
          probably won’t. I’d like to patronize them, but they are not convenient
          to me.”
          In other words, “I hope you do really well and I would love to help you out, buuuuttttt that might require some type of like, effort on my part, or something, man ….. sorry if it doesn’t work out, bro!”

          • Mike M

            I don’t need your help. Bro.

          • Blue

            I feel vaguely angry at the growing popularity of an older village center among younger audiences. I dream of everlasting anchor stores. I envy the small house well filled while yearning for an empty palace.

      • ah

        I like how calm and quaint the Plaza is. every nook and cranny of reston doesn’t need to be chaotic.

        • susie

          I’ve tried going there – the lake is pretty and it does not have the same vibe as RTC. But there is something depressing about it – like going to visit someone in the ICU.

          • Greg

            Us too. Brutalist architecture does that to most people.

  • Mary Cavanaugh

    There goes the neighborhood. 🙁

  • Greg

    Why on earth would they open an office for two months? As if there is a Trump voter in Lake Anne?

    • North Restonian

      That’s how campaigns do things.

      Reston 1, 2 and 3 turnout is vital to offsetting the red counties outside Northern Virginia.

      • susie

        Been following Real Estate prices in Reston area vs Loudoun. Loudoun prices are going up every year. Reston is staying the same or going down. Loudoun is more conservative and does not push “gender fluidity” and “transgender bathrooms” onto their children – yet. Loudoun is also not giving sanctuary to illegal aliens.

        Go ahead and vote for Hillary – and watch your real estate prices continue to drop.

        • Blue

          Tolerance and freedom from bigotry directly depress your home prices. Exclusion, alienation, improving the tone: our traditional Reston values. Express hate, pay higher taxes, and rake in the profits.

          • susie


    • eileenminarik

      Read the comments above. I’m surprised too but …
      Love Lake Anne. Love Clinton and Kaine.

      • .


        • eileenminarik

          That’s funny.

  • Sidewinder

    I guess she didn’t have the common sense (shocker) or money to get a campaign office at the Town Center where someone would have actually noticed it. Happy for that! Walking past it would have ruined my dinner each night at one of our 32 restaurants.

    • Linda Ascher Singer

      Office at Town Center with parking fees. Are you kidding????

  • FoetusBlow

    If Karma has it’s way, the “grand opening” will be from their new office straight to Hades…How wonderfully perfect of this morally bankrupt, completely incompetent and insatiably lying cretin, along with her sorry, sad and blind minions to completely and utterly destroy our Summer and Fall at the pond. Lake Anne was always our little acre, imperfect and yet so beautiful and un-sullied. Mark my words, fellow Restonians, the Gods are not pleased…

    • Mike M
    • Rick Morgan

      go move to Wyoming

      • FoetusBlow

        you a bounty hunter…………..Rick?

        • FoetusBlow
          • FoetusBlow

            hey MikeM, thank you so very much for your most excellent taste in music(and a bit of creativity…smashing!)…XTC was and still is one of the most overlooked bands from that era…amazing musicians who could write prose…a bit unlike the tripe these days, do tell…don’t be a stranger, stranger.

  • Farce 2016

    Why does she even bother? Her disciple Trump paved her way to never ending democracy and freedom on earth.

    Gentlemen, please prepare your burkas and check in at your local weenie roast, Lake Anne or whatever your nearest station may be.

  • Rick Morgan

    Ever notice how the most obnoxious commenters don’t put their full names? Cowards

    • No name

      Obnoxious yes

    • Mike M

      Ever notice that those least able to defend their views resort to calling names and telling people to go to Wyoming?.

  • Rob

    Breaking news: Trump to open campaign office at Tall Oaks, says he will make Reston Town Center pay for it.

  • Stormy_Fireriver

    All I can say is . . . VOTE THIRD PARTY!


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