Discussion: What Stores Should Open at New Tall Oaks?

by Karen Goff August 5, 2016 at 4:20 pm 36 Comments

Now that Jefferson Apartment Group’s (JAG) plans for Tall Oaks Village Center have been approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, let’s look ahead.

Tall Oaks today has about 75,000 square feet of retail, only about 13 percent of which is occupied.

The new village center at Wiehle Avenue and North Shore Drive will be 156 homes; 6,000 square feet of office space and 8,500 square feet of retail space,

JAG representatives say the retail portion, which will relocate into an existing free-standing office area, will be redeveloped first, and the hope is that the permitting process will be completed within the year.

JAG also hopes that some of the existing tenants (Paradise Nails, Mama Wok, Pho 75, for example) will sign leases to remain at the new Tall Oaks.

Overall, the retail plaza will have room for about five stores to serve neighborhood residents. That’s not a lot of space, but could provide the essentials.

So, what do you think would do well there? Remember, it’s 8,500 square feet, so big-footprint stores like Wegmans, Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble and the like are not fair answers.

Put your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo: rendering of new Tall Oaks retail building/Credit: JAG

  • One can wish

    An overpriced men’s grooming salon, natch.
    Seriously, though:
    District Taco
    Italian Store
    A craft beer store

  • 30yearsinreston

    A Hooters

    • ah

      I’m almost 30 yrs in reston too 🙂

  • ah

    hmm…the place is cursed but maybe if they put a lot of hip/trendy restaurants / stores then ppl will visit.

    • Arielle in NoVA

      They got rid of the space for more than one or two of those! If they’d been kept to the amount of retail that was there before, plenty of hip/trendy spots would have fit.

      • one can wish


    • 30yearsinreston

      There used to be a couple of restaraunts where the burger king was. They all closed(one had calypso bands)
      If 7-11 and fast food can’t make, no one can

  • practical

    As long as they keep the dry cleaners that is there

    • Ming the Merciless

      Meh. I quit using them because they kept destroying my work shirts.

  • David Nassau

    How about a wine store? I don’t really shop at wine stores, but other people who shop at wine stores might want to shop at a wine store at Tall Oaks.

    • Arielle in NoVA

      I think a wine store would appeal way more to RTC residents than Tall Oaks residents.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    What *should* they put there? Ha, like they or the RA board or the BoS care what anyone thinks.
    * A grocery store. Too late. A Trader Joe’s, World Market, or Harris Teeter would have fit in the space had they not been allowed to downsize the retail so ridiculously. Failing a grocery store, an extensive drug store with some extras (like the larger CVSes)
    * any and all existing businesses that have stuck with Tall Oaks through this mess
    * An ice cream place or fro-yo shop, preferably Baskin-Robbins or fro-yo rather than Cold Stone
    * a pizza place that has seating and does take-out and delivery
    * a sandwich/salad quick-service shop (Subway, Qdoba, Panera, Chipotle, etc.)
    * a nicer restaurant
    * a local or small-chain gift shop or card-and-gift shop
    * a place to get tea/coffee, preferably a local company or small chain rather than Starbucks
    * a dry cleaner
    * a bank or credit union
    * a place to go for fun and/or exercise when the weather’s not so nice outside – a gym/fitness place, lasertag arena, etc.

    What *will* they put there? Probably:
    * Starbucks
    * Chipotle or Panera or some newer, trendier such place
    * a dry cleaner
    * a pizza place (probably just takeout/delivery; maybe a couple of small tables)
    * an Italian or Chinese or other non-generic-American-food restaurant – hopefully Mama Wok and/or Pho 75, since they’ve already been at Tall Oaks through all of this
    * a nail salon and/or haircut place
    * maybe, if residents are lucky, a CVS/Walgreen’s/Rite Aid/other drugstore – but I doubt they’d bother to be this helpful
    * a quickie workout place – though maybe not, if the apartments/condos they’re building have their own clubhouse

    • Ming the Merciless

      Trader Joe’s, World Market, or Harris Teeter would have fit in the space
      had they not been allowed to downsize the retail so ridiculously.

      No, and more importantly, TJ and HT and WF already exist in Reston. They would have no reason to move to an obviously inferior location, and there is insufficient demand for an additional store.

      The grocery store idea has repeatedly failed, it’s not going to happen, time for everyone to put this idea behind them and move on.

      • Guest

        We DO need a grocery store there! I have lived on Lake Ann since 1970. The Giant there was great until North Point opened and the rent was raised. Tall Oaks, North Shore Dr and Fairway need another option besides HT and Giant with the traffic. We DONT need anymore upscale restaurants and shopping. RTC has the market on that!! Live, work, play is harder and harder these days .

        • Ming the Merciless

          “Need” is simply not true. The reason the TO Giant went under is that people went elsewhere, which is proof positive that the TO store was not needed.

          Reston is abundantly well served with grocery stores. There is simply no need for one at TO.

        • one can wish

          RTC is upscale?

          • Arielle in NoVA

            Yes, it is. Million-dollar condos are very upscale compared to the modest townhomes in the Tall Oaks neighborhood.

          • one can wish

            We’re talking retail here, and the restaurants at RTC are thoroughly mediocre.

          • Guest

            Sorry, have you lived in Reston long ,or are you a transplant that wants more fluff and less nature and community? RTC is overpriced and now with paid parking coming, the mom and pop stores can maybe move to TO, keep their customers, and maintain Reston traditions and sense of community. Maybe upscale is less grander for you, but its just going to get a whole lot more ” upscale” soon.

    • one can wish

      You know World Market is a furniture store, right?

      • Arielle in NoVA

        Gifts and furniture and imported prepackaged foods and snacks, correct. Typo – I meant Whole Foods. Fixed it. Thanks.

  • Reston love

    CVS or Walgreens
    Bagel Cafe (2nd location to Herndon)
    Mama Wok stays

  • Jane

    Keep Pho – wonderful restaurant with good following

  • Friends of Tall Oaks

    Shouldn’t this question have been asked by the developer BEFORE the site plan was developed?

  • I suspect the developer has some ideas. And a convenience store, a couple of bar and grill type restaurants, maybe a 7/11 or gas station and etc. There should be a lot of other possibilities.

  • Why do you bother?

    Dollar store of some ilk
    Ice cream/Baskin Robins
    Bead store
    Capital 1 bank branch
    Non-Starbuck’s coffee shop with comfortable seating and good lighting

    • one can wish

      … can’t tell if serious or sarcastic ….

      • Why do you bother?

        Why would you think it’s sarcastic?

  • Rick Morgan

    doesn’t matter what we think- we have no say. Silly to entertain discussion on the matter.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    A good gun and ammo store, maybe with an indoor firing range.

  • Paul Graham

    Wegman’s — which would shut all of these malcontents up once and for all.

    • One can wish

      Somebody didn’t read the article and doesn’t understand things like square footage.

  • RoadApples

    Cut an attractive lease deal with LiDL:
    That Company is planning and beginning to sprout as this time.
    They might be amenable to the Reston Market at that location.

  • Michael

    If anyone has checked out the Wine’ing Butcher in Ashburn, this small gourmet market would be perfect concept for this location. Maybe add a coffee morning portion and you have all the bases covered that people seem to want/need. Maybe I will start a Kickstarter and do it myself.

  • Rob

    I’m partial to the “Tenant Sign” line of shops, as pictured.

  • Stormy_Fireriver

    A trampoline play area. We don’t have an indoor play area for kids and adults when the weather gets bad or it’s way too hot to be outside. Some restaurants and a CVS or Walgreens. There also needs to be sign with flashing lights on Wiehle because the shopping center should be called Hidden Oaks not Tall Oaks.


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