RA Board Likely to Make Formal Opposition to St. Johns Wood Plan

by Karen Goff September 12, 2016 at 4:30 pm 6 Comments

Revised footprint for St. Johns Wood/Credit: BozzutoLand use, zoning and future Reston redevelopment projects — including Bozzuto’s proposal to double the size of St. Johns Wood Apartments — are all on the agenda for a special meeting of the Reston Association Board of Directors on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

This is an important time for RA as many redevelopment proposals are before the Fairfax County Planning Commission and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. While RA’s Board has no final say in the plans, the board can wield influence as new residents will, in most cases, be RA members.

Says the Sept. 14 special meeting agenda:

The purposes of this Special Meeting are to provide the RA Board and members with an update and status regarding various Land Use/zoning matters affecting the Reston community and an opportunity for the Board to discuss those matters, including but not limited to:

The County’s and Reston Association’s Land Use/zoning application Review and community input processes;

Current and anticipated Land Use/zoning applications in Reston and, – A draft RA DRB policy related to member notification when the RA Design Review Board receives requests for courtesy review and/or DRB covenant required review of applications related to Fairfax County land use/zoning application projects.

The agenda includes:

Discussion of current & anticipated Land Use/Zoning Applications in Reston (John McBride, Esq., Odin Feldman Pittleman, RA’s land use attorney)

Discussion of Fairfax County’ and Reston Association’s Land Use/Zoning Application Review & Community Input Processes (John McBride, Esq., Odin Feldman Pittleman – RA Land Use Counsel Ken Chadwick, Esq. Chadwick Washington Moriarty & Bunn PC – RA Legal Counsel)

Action on the current St. Johns Wood redevelopment application (Mike Sanio, RA Vice President)

The RA Board will likely make a formal motion to oppose Bozzuto’s current St Johns Wood Redevelopment Application, which has received community pushback for being too large (more than 500 units) and incompatible with its surroundings near North Point Village Center.

RA will likely send a letter outlining its position to the Reston Planning & Zoning Committee, the Fairfax County Planning Commission’s Hunter Mill rep and to Cathy Hudgins, Hunter Mill District Supervisor. St. Johns Wood, which has been redrafted several times, is scheduled for a Fairfax County Planning Commission hearing in late October.

The board will also take action on a new resolution calling for more notice given to neighbors and to RA during the redevelopment process. This resolution comes in response to the St. Johns Wood proposal as many neighbors say they were not adequately notified of the plans.

The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at Reston Association, 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr. There will be a member comment period about 8:15 p.m.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Bozzuto = Match Stick Apartment Buildings

    • vdiv

      Lookup up “Riverview Landing flooding” and “Riverwalk at the Millennium fire”. Those are both matchstick box apartment developments along the Schuylkill River in suburban Philly. One was build in a flood plane, floods pretty much every year, the other had one spark in the roof burn down four buildings, half of the complex. Well, it was really the sprinkler/fire dept. water that weighed the structure so much it collapsed. Both were built and operated by Bozzuto (not anymore) at the lowest bidder (brought a crew all the way from Alabama).

      Fun times.

  • Patrick Ohara

    Reston Residents should get more involved with these plans that these corporations like Bozzuto,JBG,Boston Properties,etc are Planning.These companies have to remember who lives here,and what the average homeowner/renter has to say.This is our community not theirs,and this is a democracy where govt guidance from the people(not politicians,cronies,etc)but the people who live here!Have all of you not forgotten what virginians fought for in the past or for that matter the significance of what is important as a “Virginian”…and an American!….thank you!

  • Trump 2016

    There are many people these days, who think we are in a new age – one based on information and communication – that is going to create an upheaval in the economic structure of the world.

    Transport, for example, could become autonomous in the next decade or two with the result that personal ownership of cars will be unnecessary – having dramatic impact not only on manufacturing but also how people will commute.

    RA would be well served to maintain their mission beyond live, work, and play by raising innovation to a new level and bringing in consultants and engineers to come up with a case study.

    This is not a far fetched idea, it’s been done before here and in Columbia MD – besides we only live 25 miles outside of the centre of the universe which pretty much guarantees the success of this project.

    • Guest

      Paid innovation is work.

      • Why do you bother?

        “centre ”

        Not to mention not even USian….that’s a Canadian (or Brittish) spelling…


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