FCPS to Give Retired Teachers a Raise for Substitute Hours

by Karen Goff September 20, 2016 at 10:00 am 7 Comments

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Retired Fairfax County teachers who serve as substitutes in the system are likely getting a pay raise.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on the action today at its regular meeting.

In July, County Executive Ed Long recommended that the school board approve staff recommendations from the County and Schools’ FY 2016 Carryover Review.

The school board, in the FY 2016 Carryover Review, increased the public school operating fund by $309,514 to increase the rate paid to substitute teachers who are Fairfax County Public School retired teachers.

The pay will go from $14.23 to $15.33 per hour for short-term assignments and from $20.14 to $21.91 per hour for long-term assignments.

State law allows the Board of Supervisors to act on proposed amendments to the budget on the same day as the public hearing.

  • Scott H

    So let me get this straight.
    We are told we need a meals tax to provide Millions in funding for FCPS..you know “for the kids.”
    But when it comes to the teachers’ union, they just have $300K to throw around?


    It’s another bait-and-switch and will not result in a substantive net increase in funding to FCPS. Do not give the BoS another tax lever to extract money from the tax-payers.

    • One Really

      In my experience this has nothing to do with the kids. It’s about how can I get teacher paid as high as possible while using the kids as an excuse.

      • Scott H

        Agreed. Apologies if the sarcasm in my post wasn’t clear enough 🙂

      • Greg


      • Kristen

        I’d like to understand how you think paying teachers a higher wage has “nothing to do with the kids.” The kids spend all day with these teachers. Without these teachers our kids have no school system. This includes substitute teachers, and in my experience our retired subs are some of the best that we have and should be paid a higher wage than subs without their level of experience. You certainly don’t have to agree with a Meals Tax to support FCPS, but don’t take your frustration with the BoS out on our teachers – they work extremely hard for our kids and don’t deserve to be blamed for getting paid more to do it.

  • John Higgins

    From one perspective, using carryover (essentially one-time money from fiscal year 2016 savings) to fund a recurring cost is questionable If the savings result from permanent reductions in a recurring cost, fine. At this point, we don’t have enough info to know. Being less than 1/10 of one percent if its budget, this moving around of deck chairs is not terribly significant.

    I’m more concerened about the problem they are attempting to fix Putting a teacher with 20+ years of experience in front of a class for $14 to $20 an hour is startling. They pay the new bus driver and junior accountant more than than. There is something basically wrong with the values that drive allotment of avaiilable school resources.

    • Scott H

      Its substitute pay for retirees looking to pick up a little extra cash by running a DVD player for 6 hours….not full time pay. It’s closer to a kid doing a summer job


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