Reston Chamber Spotlight: Insperity

Chamber spotlight

Reston Chamber Spotlight is an occasional series from our partnership with the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. Today’s spotlight is on Insperity, which provides business and human resource solutions. Speaking is Business Profitability Advisor Sally Munn.

insperity-logo-stackedReston Now: Why did you decide to start your business in Reston?

Sally Munn: Reston is the geographic bullseye of business growth in Northern Virginia.

RN: What are the challenges and rewards of being a business owner?

SM: People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust…in that order. I’ve really enjoyed getting out and about to a wide variety of events and meeting a very broad cross-section of people. That said, building trust does take time.

RN: Name something about your business that most people don’t know.

SM: We give small business owners buying power they cannot get on their own, which translates into saving THOUSANDS on their Employee Health Benefits. Not just today. We also give them a predictable mechanism to control those costs going forward.

RN: What is the unique value proposition your clients get with your services?

Sally Munn/InsperitySM: We increase their margins…and their professional “Bandwidth.”

Increasing Margins occurs through a mix of cost containment strategies and driving talent productivity to produce a greater ROI.
Increasing professional bandwidth occurs when they remove administrative tasks, thus allowing them to focus more fully on revenue-generating activities.

RN: Describe a typical day as the business owner.

SM: Develop a strategy for the day, and then literally block chunks of my calendar to manage the important projects and tasks. Proactively talk to customers and prospects. Network, Network, Network…

RN:  How has the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce helped your business grow?

SM: The GRCC has significantly and meaningfully expanded my professional network. It also provides a construct to allow me to get to know people over time as I have become more and more involved.

RN: What is the quote that best describes your business?

SM: Helps Increase your Margins, Create New Efficiencies, and Focus More on Revenue-Generating Activities.

RN: What is your advice to someone who is thinking about owning a business?

SM: Have a clear understanding of:

  • Your Point of Difference
  • How the status quo can be your greatest competitor
  • How long it will really take to get the kind of traction and revenue growth you think you’re capable of.

Photo: Sally Munn/Insperity

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